Kids Home Safety Checklist: How to Build a Secure Home

Families, especially families with kids, should look into home safety before deciding on buying or building a house. There are many items on the safety list you should go through. Some of the questions should be: What is the crime rate? Is the community safe? Is there a school district, as well as the police, hospital, and fire department? Besides the community inspection, you should look into securing your home. Building a secure home for you and your kids means if something bad happens, you will be much safer. If you want to build a secure home, we have created a kid’s home safety checklist, so read on.

Get an Alarm System

The first thing you should do when looking for or building a new home is installing an alarm system. Alarm systems will give you peace of mind that most probably, a burglar will skip your house in the first place since they won’t risk getting caught. An alarm system sadly doesn’t prevent burglars from getting into your home 100 percent, but even if they do, the system will alert you and the police department. Make sure you get a model that works even if it gets disabled. Door alarms are common, but you can also find alarms for your windows. They work mechanically, so they will alarm you even if there is no power.

Add a Security Camera

Security cameras go hand in hand with an alarm system. If your alarm stops working, a security camera is there to capture everything. They can work with a home security system and on their own. There are diverse types of cameras and they can be connected to your phone or PC, where you can see live footage from the cameras, or even re-watch certain parts. Make sure you get cameras that can record in decent quality even in dark. You don’t want video footage that is too blurry because it won’t be of much use.

Use Safety Doors with a Peephole

Safety doors are stronger than regular wooden doors. They are enforced with stronger materials, more layers, and locks. Make sure they come with a peephole, so you can always see who is at the doorway. Teach your kids to never open the door if they are alone at home—even if it’s someone they know. If your front doors have a side pane glass, cover them with a window film. This will keep your privacy.

Check for any Electrical/Plumbing Faults

Electrical and plumbing hazards are quite common, as many houses don’t have proper systems installed. Before you start your life in a new house, check all the outlets and plumbing. It’s a good idea to hire inspectors to get a professional examination. Cover up any plugs if you have children. Don’t install power points near water, or at kids’ height If possible.

Think About Design

Before you start building your house or buying a new one, you should think about the design of the house. This includes the positions of rooms, windows, doors, how accessible it is, and if it’s easily monitored. Most people keep their valuables in the bedrooms, so they should be on the second floor. Your kid’s bedroom should also be close to the main bedroom. This way parents can keep an eye on their kid’s safety. A new home builders group can help you design the right house for your needs, with safety in the first place.

Light Up Your House

Lights are one of the best burglar-repellents out there. Most burglars and intruders will skip your house since they can easily be seen under lights. Installing porch lights is the first step. Make sure you light up the rest of your yard, especially if you have a lot of trees and dark spots. Motion lights are a great choice for a backyard. They will light up any time someone passes near them.

Building a secure home calls for a lot of planning and prevention. There are numerous ways for how you can improve the safety of your home. Look for vulnerable areas and improve the safety where needed.

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