Why Does Your Husband Love Football So Much? 

Football is often referred to as a beautiful game. But for those not familiar, it is hard to see why. After all, what could be so attractive about 22 men trying to kick a football into a net? The truth is, for fans, football is far more than just a game or a sport. It’s one of the most essential elements of millions of people’s lives. 

One of these people may be your husband. You might often think to yourself that he watches too much football, keeps up to date obsessively, or maybe even that he neglects you. After all, you can’t love a sport that much, can you? The truth is you can. Not to mention there are no sports on the planet quite as beloved as football. If you don’t quite understand what the fuss is over, don’t worry. There are undoubtedly other people just like you who just can’t understand the importance of football or sport in general. You can do so if you want to try to get a better understanding. This could help give you a better indication of what the sport means and potentially get you involved in the sport. With that being said, here are just some of the reasons that your husband loves football so much. 

A Lifetime of Enjoyment 

Of course, you can pick up a hobby at any stage. However, for most people, their love for football comes from an early age. Perhaps playing football with their friends in the street and the memories of going to their first game leave a lasting love of the sport. The enjoyment people get from football never changes. The likelihood is you can enjoy a Manchester United vs Liverpool game today just as much now as you could 20 years ago. This is one of the beauties of football. The game is seemingly evergreen. It is hard to imagine a world where football isn’t the most popular sport. Football is also a pastime that your husband might someday want to enjoy with his son or daughter. Passing down football traditions, such as the football team you support, is widespread. 

Many people who grow up watching football also look to pursue a career in it. Although it can be very difficult to become a player, there are other alternative options. For example, one of the most popular is being a sports journalist. If this is something someone you know might be interested in, you should let them know about the sports journalism program at SBU

Social Benefits 

There are a lot of social benefits to being a football fan too. For one, it is a significant conversation starter among fans. Who you support, discussing recent results, and the banter between opposing fans is all part of the fun of being involved in the sport, not to mention how much joining a football team can offer social opportunities. Some people will make friends for life once they step inside a football club for the first time. 

Even if you go into a local sports bar for a Premier League game at the weekend, there will be an atmosphere if there are football fans in the building. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter who is playing. Fans gather to watch and discuss the goings-on in the football world just to pass the time. 

A Low-Key Pastime 

As mentioned earlier, football is a prevalent pastime. Part of the reason for this is because watching it is just so easy. You don’t have to do anything, go anywhere, or even say anything if you don’t want to. Fans can simply just put their feet up on the couch and watch events unfold before them. It offers people a chance to escape reality for the better two hours. This is another reason people love to spend their weekends watching football. 

Match Frequency 

It is pretty hard to be bored as a football fan. The sheer volume of games that take place daily is mind-boggling. Nearly every single day, there will be a football game for you to watch. This is due to cup, continental, domestic league, and international games – teams and players barely get any time off. From Monday to Sunday, there is a good chance that top-quality action will be available for you to watch somewhere. This means that there is pre-match build-up, reaction, and team news daily. When you take this into consideration, being a football fan is nearly a full-time obligation. 

Love for a Club 

The love supporters have for their football club is second to none. As mentioned above, this is also something that is usually passed down from generation to generation, with some even buying merch from places like the sydney swans shop before their first child is even born. So, when you grow up cheering for the same team for decades, it’s safe to say there’s a good chance you will grow fond of them. This leads to some very passionate and emotional match days for the supporters. It brings communities together because teams are based in certain areas or are international. Although some localities may be somewhat divided due to two teams being located in the exact location (AC Milan and Inter Milan), this just adds to the atmosphere on derby day. There is even more pride on the line as teams battle it out to be the best in the town or city. 


The transfer window is one of the most heavily anticipated times during the year for football supporters. Although the main one takes place over the summer with less football, the transfer window provides plenty of excitement. The world’s most prominent players moving to different clubs can completely change the world of football. For example, the summer 2021 transfer window saw the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Sergio Ramos find new clubs. For a football fan, this was a bigger shock than anything they could have imagined. It turned the upcoming season on its head and was one of the most bizarre summers in the sport’s history. 

Star Players 

The world’s best players attract so many eyes to the sport. Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo alone are worth watching the sport for. Their sporting ability is often mind-blowing, and as a football fan, they are worth tuning in for every time. These stars define the sport and set the blueprint for the next generation of players. Your husband likely has a favored superstar that he enjoys watching. 

Match days 

Going to a football match is an experience quite like none other. For some people, it is a weekly occurrence. Every weekend getting your shoes on and heading to the stadium is the best part of the week. For others, it is a special occasion that can only be appreciated occasionally. Either way, the opportunity should be significantly savored. The atmosphere, the emotion, and the quality of the show are just something special. After all, you must remember that you are witnessing history. Every football match carries at least some form of significance. You also never know when you will witness one of the best sporting moments of all time

The World Cup 

No sporting competition in history comes close to the World Cup. After long qualifying periods, the world’s best footballing nations come together in one country. They will then play each other in a tournament that helps to decide who hosts the best football players in the world. The World Cup is incredibly emotional, action-packed, and holds high stakes. The final of the World Cup is also the most viewed sporting event on the planet. Over 1 billion people tune in to watch it every four years. It would be very difficult to find a live event that simultaneously attracts over one billion people. 

The Champions League 

Although the World Cup is the best of the best, it only comes around every four years. For football fans, that is a lifetime. Luckily enough, they have a fantastic annual competition in the champions league. This competition will see Europe’s best teams compete for continental glory. Europe is considered to have the best selection of football teams, so this is often considered a good indication of who the best club squad in the world is. The Champions League is extremely unpredictable. This is due to draws, transfers, and much more. It is one of the most challenging competitions to predict the winner of. Every year, there could be between 10-15 teams who could have somewhat of a chance of winning the competition. For many years, the match can be so close that it comes down to an individual’s performance that helps their team lift the trophy. Players who win the champions league go down in footballing history. Not to mention that the Champions League anthem will be enough to send chills down your husband’s spine every single time. 

Amazing Goals 

If you want to get into football, one of the best ways to do so is to head to YouTube. Here, search for some of the best goals in world football. Some of these goals will be enough to make you question human ability or physics. Seeing a spectacular plan, even from your couch, makes your day. Some of these goals go down in history and are talked about for years to come, so you definitely do not want to miss one when possible. 


The footballing world is full of so many iconic players. These people have changed the world of sports, brought fans to the games, and inspired the next generation of talent. There is a good chance that there will be one football player who really grabbed your husband’s attention to the world of football. It could be Callum Mills or countless other players who changed the game. 

Video Games 

Video games have really had a significant impact on plenty of different sports. Basketball, NFL, and MMA have grown fan bases thanks to the releases of top-quality video games. Football is no exception to this rule. Every year, EA sports release a new FIFA game. This video game allows players to take control of their favorite teams and players and turn themselves into the best football player or managers in the world. The game does a lot for football; it is a hugely anticipated time of the year when FIFA releases.  

Fairytale Stories 

Football is full of fairytale stories. The likes of Leicester City winning the Premier League is just something that could never have been predicted in a million years. These stories really can be emotional and inspiring at times. It could be a team being successful against the odds or a player doing something spectacular when no one expects him to. These happenings and events are part of what makes football such an emotional sport. Special occasions such as these can even lift entire communities and countries – that is how significant they can be.  


There is nothing quite like an excellent footballing rivalry. There are countless anticipated fixtures in the world of football due to this. Some of the most famous ones are the likes of Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Manchester United vs. Liverpool, and Boca Juniors vs. River Plate. These games lead to hectic match days with massive stakes. The sheer intensity is enough to make fans nervous weeks out before kickoff. Rivalries are great for adding to the atmosphere when watching football with friends or in a social setting, not to mention the banter between home and away fans in the stadium at a game. 

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