Mistakes In Bathroom Remodeling Projects You Must Avoid

Remodeling a bathroom can be a fun project. Entire spaces in your home can be repurposed and redefined, giving the property a fresher feel. 

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That said, with a project this size, there is also the potential for a few major missteps. Every wrong turn you could possibly make can be resolved, but it can take time and money to backtrack and fix things. 

In particular, a project around remodeling a bathroom can invite its share of complications. Function and design must be considered with the area, as there are more than aesthetics to think about. Here are four mistakes in bathroom remodeling projects that you must avoid.  

Hiring the Wrong Contractors

It is wise to hire bathroom remodeling contractors for this work. That way, you can ensure the project is proceeding at the highest possible standard. 

Choosing who to work with is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You need to choose a reputable service that provides great value in their services and is highly experienced in all they do. Choose the wrong contractors, and they will create more problems than they solve. 

Fortunately, Beattie Development can help you with aspects of a custom home remodel project, but they can also tailor their services to particular areas, such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Whether you want to make a few choice updates in the former area or draw on their entire range of dynamic services, you can ensure every area of your home is treated with a high degree of care. 

Work with forward-thinking services. They should know today’s ever-expanding bathroom finishes, fixtures, and materials. They should also be able to provide things like ADA-compliant, poolside, and child-friendly baths. Eco-friendly measures should also be in place for as much of the construction as possible. 

Choosing the Wrong Spot 

Letting your creativity run wild during a bathroom remodeling project can be tempting. It is nice to think that any area of your home can be anything. 

Thinking things through or taking your contractor’s advice might soon lead you to realize that there are limitations in place. It is important to show some restraint. After all, not any room can become a bathroom, and expansions and changes are not always advisable. 

For example, placing a bathroom in a room that is adjoining your kitchen, dining, or living areas is generally considered to be a bad idea. These areas do not afford much privacy or discretion and risk much embarrassment and discomfort for homeowners and visitors alike. 

Moreover, small rooms facing away from the sun typically do not perform well as bathrooms either. These spaces can become dank and wetter in the wrong dimensions, so choosing rooms for the remodeling project that are larger and let in more natural light is a good idea. 

Clumping Fixtures Together

Cramped bathrooms can present other problems, too, like the potential for household drama. After all, one should not underestimate the lengths people will go to when it comes to feuds on bathroom-related needs, so extra vigilance is key. 

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People living together may often experience tensions when limited space is available. While everyone deserves privacy, bathrooms can often be used by multiple people at once if people are just putting on makeup, brushing their teeth, washing their hands, or cleaning up. 

Therefore, you should try to keep these things in mind when you embark on your remodeling project. That way, your bathroom can be a more dynamic, multi-functional space for multiple users at once. Leaving a healthy amount of room between fixtures can ensure that each occupant has enough room to navigate doing what they need to do. 

Try to be economical with the bathroom. Refrain from cramming too many fixtures in there, and aim to be sensitive with lighting arrangements too. Anything too dim or too harsh will undermine everything else. Ultimately, these spaces are all about a very acute sense of balance, perhaps more so than any other in your property, so keep that in mind as you plan and proceed. 

Failing to Combat Moisture, Mold, and Mildew

Bathroom remodeling projects can not be performed on whimsy. They have to be assembled with a sense of precision. If you hire contractors, they will know all this, but it is still worth discussing things with them for peace of mind 

Many people constantly search for ways to deal with mold and mildew in the bathroom. However, some quality remodeling decisions can significantly stunt the growth of these troubling presences. Early decisions here can greatly reduce later grievances. 

You should pick a suitable place for an exhaust fan to create better ventilation in the space. Do not install it near a soffit or overhang, as the air must travel outside with as clear a path as possible without being diverted back through obstructions or soffit vents sucking the air into your attic area. 

Ensure you waterproof everything you can, from the grout between floor tiles to counter surfaces. Leave no stone unturned in that effort. Even minor oversights can have long-lasting consequences. 

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