All You Need to Know About Shower Waterproofing for Home

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Whether it is a malfunction that requires specific attention or a comprehensive renovation of the apartment, problems with the plumbing or leakage require the inspection of the existing sealant. The purpose of the sealing is to prevent infiltration and leakage of water between different areas, thanks to the fact that the proofing creates an insulating layer that separates the wall layers or floors throughout the house from each other.

Bathrooms require special shower waterproofing that differs from the type of sealant in the rest of the house. In shower waterproofing, a coating of the waterproof membrane is done to lock the moisture from seeping into the structure of your house. When it comes to sealing in bathrooms, one should consider the humidity generated in the room during shower time and the large amounts of water that pass through the pipes.

Leakage prevention in the bathroom

It is important to understand that these problems are not only cosmetic problems that appear in the house – they also create a health hazard for the people of the house. If you notice any of them, you should immediately contact a renovation contractor (who specializes in sealing and not wait for the problem to grow or get rid of itself). The above two considerations are significant factors in choosing the type of sealing. If the bathroom is narrow, waterproofing work performed by painting is more suitable than the seat construction method. You may want to choose a sheet construction method in terms of cost.

Waterproofing showers and bathrooms

Shower waterproofing is carried out on the pipes after it has already been covered with concrete. The shower waterproofing is carried out in two stages – the preparation stage and the waterproofing stage itself. If you wish to seal the area under the flooring of the showers, baths, bathrooms, and various wet rooms, use bitumen sealants as described. And in this article, we will explain how to perform shower waterproofing in the best possible way.

The prevailing recommendation

As long as you are doing or planning to renovate your home, do not give up on checking the sealing in your bathroom. Take the opportunity to make sure that the sealing is properly placed. You should not wait for the shower waterproofing to diminish or start showing a problem, rather, keep a check on the sealant, and if you notice any issue, then you must contact the contractor for the repair work.

When building the bathroom, it is important to ensure that the sealing materials used by the professional are high quality and long-lasting. The sealant is applied to the concrete, thus creating a layer of protection that prevents water from passing between the floor of one room and the ceiling of another. On top of the sealing layer, the room is paved. Thus, another layer of protection is added, which significantly reduces the passage of water to the concrete.

Preparing the surface for shower waterproofing

While preparing the surface for shower waterproofing and bathroom, thoroughly cleaning the entire area should be done from dust, dirt, plaster, and concrete. After cleaning, concrete casting should be carried out. That is about 4 cm below the height of the future flooring. Concrete rollers (crescent-shaped) should then be cast in all connections between the floor and the walls, and all pipes on the floor should be fully covered with concrete. Finally, the walls surrounding the floor should be smoothed to a height of 10 cm above the height of the future new flooring, and wait a few days for the concrete to dry, wetting it twice a day.


If the sealing is done in a way that is not of high quality, serious problems may arise that affect the maintenance of the house. Mildew, mold, dampness, and fungi are some symptoms caused by improper sealing. Therefore, let’s consult with the shower waterproofing that works well and do the construction with the construction method suitable for your bathroom.

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