4 Fun Ideas to Keep Yourself Connected and Entertained if You Are Stuck in Your Apartment

Whether you’re on local lock down or are simply being responsible and staying home, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending your winter break inside the comfort of your apartment. Try one of these fun ideas to keep yourself entertained while you wait out the weather.

Start a Book Collection

Have you ever wanted to read and own an impressive pile of books? Now’s a great chance to start working on that book collection of your dreams. When you’re picking titles, it’s important to only choose books that you actually want to read. Book collections are also slightly aesthetic, so there’s nothing wrong with purchasing titles that you know will look good when stored on your bookshelf.

When you first start reading, pay attention to your page count, and see how long it takes you to finish a novel. Then, try purchasing new books at a rate that matches your ability to read them. Most people can get through 1-4 new books in a month.

Learn to Cook or Bake

Knowing how to prepare food is one of the most important skills a person can have. Unfortunately, this talent has become rare in the age of takeout and prepackaged food. If you’re bored in quarantine, learning to cook for yourself can be a great way to grow as a person, save money, and get in touch with a healthier diet.

Start a New TV Show

There are countless amazing sitcoms and dramas on the internet, just waiting to whisk you away into a world where you’re not stuck in the same location. Try checking out some of the best TV shows on Netflix. Alternatively, you can purchase an entire season of one of your favorites to binge-watch all in one go.

If you’re really looking to mix things up, try choosing 2-4 different shows to put into your rotation. Every night, try watching only 1-2 episodes of a show before switching to the next one. This will mimic the effect of live television and give your evening more variety.

Pick Up an Art Project

Most artists in the world would love the chance to get away from the world and create something unique. Being quarantined in your apartment isn’t that different from being stuck in the studio.  If you have any artistic inclinations, now is a great time to finally create that painting, sculpture, or song that you’ve been thinking about for years. You can usually find cheap supplies for almost any art project at places like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.


From reading books to making art, there are plenty of fun ways to keep yourself entertained when you’re stuck at home. Now is a great time to appreciate media and culture and let yourself finally read that book you’ve been waiting for.


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