Play Smart: 3 Family Activities for Mental Exercise

Significant emphasis is placed on families finding a way to stay physically fit together. For example, many parents may try to instill healthier dietary habits in their children while also looking for active recreational options that can help the entire family stay physically fit. Increasingly, parents are also looking for exceptional ways to exercise brain muscles with their children. If you are focused on bolstering mental health with your entire family, these are some exceptional activities that your whole family may love to do together.


There are numerous puzzles available at many local stores that are suitable for most ages and skill levels. Some very advanced puzzles are even three-dimensional and may require the effort of the entire family to complete. If you have a spare table in your home, you can consider trying a more challenging puzzle that you may work on together over the course of several weeks in your free time. You can even buy special glue to preserve your finished product.


Escape Rooms

If you are looking for a fun mental activity that can be completed in a shorter period of time, an escape room is a great idea. Escape rooms like Go Dream are popping up in areas across the country, and most major metropolitan areas have at least a few of these venues. Many venues have three or more escape rooms each that you can try. These rooms generally lock you and your family in a specially designed room for approximately one hour. You are given a few clues to get started, and each clue leads you to the discovery of other clues in the room. Ultimately, you may solve a puzzle, discover a cure, find the culprit or accomplish another goal so that you can exit the room.



An outdoor mental activity is geocaching. Through geocaching, you are given a series of mapping coordinates, and these coordinates take you to a special location. In this location, you may find a price, learn about a clue to a new location or something else. This is an activity that the entire family can participate in, and it is a great way to tackle physical and mental health goals at the same time.


Mental health is an important aspect of total body health that often goes overlooked. Because of its importance, parents are increasingly looking for ways to expand their children’s minds in fun ways. These are some excellent mind-bending or thought-provoking activities that you and your children may love to do together.

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