Tips for Helping Improve Your Child’s Education

As a parent, you want the best for your child when it comes to education. That’s why you’re working so hard to pay for private school. Education lays the foundation for your child’s future by preparing them for the real world. Apart from taking them to good schools, here are other ways you can use to improve your child’s learning experience.

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What Makes Private School Better for High Functioning Autistic Teens 

Raising a child with high-functioning autism is incredibly difficult. One of the struggles that parents have is making sure that their children get the proper education. Private school may be the best option for your teen. There are several reasons that you should choose a private school.

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Meet Ido Kedar, Author of In Two Worlds: The Heart and Mind of an Autistic Boy

Contributed by Ido Kedar, Author of In Two Worlds

A life lived without talking is nearly incomprehensible to most people. I have invited others to try, just for a few hours, to live without talking, gesturing, handwriting, or other means of expression. None have taken on the challenge. It’s too isolating, painful and frustrating. But I have lived without speaking my entire life due to a condition called motor apraxia. This means my motor system doesn’t receive the necessary instructions from my brain to move the way I want. That often gives people the impression that there is a lack of understanding, but that is not correct.

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How to Make Homeschooling Work for Artsy Students

Making homeschooling work for artsy students is key to an engaging experience. You know because you have a student needing these considerations.

Some of the considerations to include for artsy students are: using flexible schedules; creating opportunities for new artistic expression and creativity; community outreach and mentoring opportunities with arts; connecting art thematically through the curriculum in ways that reflect your student’s interests; and, the opportunity to learn about and play with new mediums that inform, inspire and encourage students to move beyond their current knowledge base and expressions.

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What to Do as a Parent When Your Teenager Wants a Motorcycle

Teenagers often develop pastimes. This is totally natural. It can be intimidating for parents to realize, however, that their young teens are interested in hobbies that can be considered rather dangerous by many. If your teenager wants to purchase a motorcycle, you have to take all of the right precautions.

Learn All about Age Limits

It’s important for parents to learn all about age limits that are associated with riding motorcycles. Teenagers who are not even 18 years of age must receive permits for motorcycle use. People must be anywhere between 15 and 16 years old in order to be eligible for permits. Look into your state’s specific age guidelines.

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Play Smart: 3 Family Activities for Mental Exercise

Significant emphasis is placed on families finding a way to stay physically fit together. For example, many parents may try to instill healthier dietary habits in their children while also looking for active recreational options that can help the entire family stay physically fit. Increasingly, parents are also looking for exceptional ways to exercise brain muscles with their children. If you are focused on bolstering mental health with your entire family, these are some exceptional activities that your whole family may love to do together.

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The Importance of Play: How Kids Can Learn from Fun

Playtime is important to your child’s personal development. Play provides an emotional outlet that lets people express emotions, meet new challenges, and gain a sense of accomplishment. In the formative years, crucial social skills are learned that help your child to make and maintain friendships. The freedom to play is essential to developing many life skills. Below are some of the important ways that children learn from playing.

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College Not a Fit for Your Child? 5 Fulfilling Alternatives

College is touted as the path to career and financial success. However, many young people do not know what kind of career they want when they finish high school. Some don’t want to go to college at all. This can be troubling and frustrating if you are a parent, but it doesn’t mean your child lacks ability or ambition. Forbes says to look beyond college as the ultimate path to career success. There are alternative roads a young person can follow that are also fulfilling.

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Benefits of Using Computer Games as an Educational Tool for Kids

Since their introduction to the market at large in the late 1970s, much debate has surrounded the merit and impact of video games. Journalists and scholars alike debate whether or not they constitute art, what impact violence in games may have on the youth, and other difficult subjects. More recently, educators have been revisiting the idea of using computer games as an educational tool. While you may personally prefer them for their entertainment value, a significant body of research has demonstrated the benefits of incorporating computer games into the classroom.

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Cleaning as an Educational Activity

Guest post contributed by Josie Pimm

Cleaning is an activity which should not be undermined. It has been incorporated in our lives since the dawn of human civilization. It’s every man’s obligation in present day’s society because now we consume more than ever and without cleaning not only we as a species but also the whole planet will perish. For us, adults, cleaning comes as a natural instinct but it’s actually an artificial one, i.e. it’s the result of a series of educational activities our parents and teachers have introduced in order to create that instinct in us. It’s our responsibility to create the same instinct in our children as well.

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