7 Kid-Friendly Activities in Duluth, GA

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When traveling with a family, the first thing on your mind is likely how to make your family vacation enjoyable for the kids. Whether your children are younger or older, you want them to have fun and a pleasant time. Luckily, your children can indulge in many kid-friendly activities in Duluth, GA. However, in order to create a trip for them that they will remember for years to come, you will need to plan the activities and organize your trip. Of course, it could be pretty hard to decide out of so many activities to do in Duluth. This is why, in order to help you, we have created a list of seven activities your children are just going to love. 

Escape rooms are a perfect pastime for those who like adventure and excitement. It’s a family-friendly activity that promotes logical thinking and problem-solving, which is exceptionally beneficial for young minds. In the facility itself, you can choose to do some brain games to practice and warm up. You can choose among many escape rooms, including the Sherlock Room and the Black Ops Room. It’s something your kids will definitely enjoy, and after such activities, they will surely get a good night’s sleep.

Visiting Tiny Towne

This excellent arcade, or carcade, as visitors like to call it, is a place where children can drive cars suited for all ages, enjoy delicious food, play various games, and ride the Tiny Towne Express Train. But Tiny Towne provides more than just bumpy car rides. After an 11-minute drive from Duluth, your children will acquire fundamental skills. For example, in order to drive bigger cars, they will have to pass a driving test and will later continue to drive on simulated streets with real traffic. The little ones under nine years old will be led to the short track with smaller cars. The entire setup of the arcade resembles a miniature town, with roadways, buildings, stop lights, tunnels, stop signs, and much more! There’s no doubt your children will love it.

Pirate’s Cove

An excellent adventure for both children and adults. The main attraction of this place is a mini golf course with 27 holes. The place is decorated with pirate-themed decorations, and your children can explore the vast area and see numerous pirate ships. It’s an affordable way to spend quality time with your children and enjoy some refreshments in nature. You can teach them to play golf, and so the day can turn out to be an adventure day with sports activities.

Olivia’s Dollhouse Tea Room

This place is a dream come true for any child that enjoys playing with dolls. This is a place where they can dress up as any princess or character they want. There is a dressing parlor with many beautiful gowns for children, and they can choose whichever they want. Not only that but there are also shoes and jewelry they can choose from. Besides a tea party, there is hair & makeup and a fashion show, of course, together with the dolls. Furthermore, this is a place where many adults choose to have baby showers and even weddings since the staff is pleasant and the atmosphere is magical. And all this is just nine minutes away from Duluth.

Fairhope Stables

Visiting this 56-acre site provides a beautiful opportunity to get familiar with gracious horses and learn to ride one. The facility is dedicated to horse boarding, training, and shows, but visitors can sign up for riding lessons. You can choose to learn Western or English riding style. 

Bear Creek Nature Centre

This is an ideal spot for young (and older) nature lovers. Bear Creek Nature Center is one of the hidden gems of Georgia and is just an hour’s drive from Duluth, GA. This conservation center is a small animal refuge with a waterfall nearby and a beautiful hiking location. It is home to many birds, reptiles, and even live bats. It’s an excellent spot for families, and they allow children to pet a small animal of their choice. You can even opt for a personal tour of the area.

Due to these, and many more places, more and more people are considering moving to Duluth and hiring local movers. If you are one of them, know that local experts can assist you too. You can begin living in this dream place in a matter of weeks and enjoy these kid-friendly activities in Duluth as much as you want.

The Children’s Arts Museum

This lovely place offers many opportunities for kid-friendly activities in Duluth. You can bring out the creative side in your child by signing them up for arts and crafts classes they can explore. They can make puppets and various projects with the help of amiable staff members. It is an excellent way to develop their young minds as well as to nurture their childhood. The healthiest way to raise a child is always to consider work and play as equally important.

Final thoughts

There are many ways for an entire family to enjoy kid-friendly activities in Duluth. If you are planning a vacation here, we hope you have considered some of our suggestions. There are various activities for all ages and tastes. There are facilities for young explorers and nature lovers where they can be among animals and be friendly with them. Many youngsters can acquire practical skills within facilities that promote logical thinking, problem solving, and using their motor skills. There are also excellent opportunities for children to express their creative sides. After all, it’s your choice. Nevertheless, we advise talking to your children about the available possibilities and seeing what they would enjoy the most.  Making plans together is also a fun way to spend some quality family time.

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