4 Activities to Help Gym-Haters through Exercise Time

Working out is essential to staying healthy, but your daily trip to the gym can feel more like a punishment than anything else. The good news is that you don’t just have to blame laziness as the reason for dreading your next trek on the treadmill. A Dutch study found that up to 37 percent of people’s different responses to exercise is rooted in their genes. 

Whether it’s your DNA or just a boring routine, how can you start making your time at the gym more productive? Check out these four activities to help refresh your mind the next time you work out. 

Learn a New Language

Imagine being able to burn calories and master French. With apps like Duolingo and Memrise, you can! Free to download on both iOS and Android, these language learning apps offer free courses in plenty of languages like Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and many more. 

Try a Different Form of Cardio

If you really can’t stand another half-hour on the treadmill or elliptical, consider another form of cardio that’s more engaging. Many gyms and fitness centers offer classes in kickboxing, dancing, spinning and more. Even if your particular gym doesn’t have classes, hit up YouTube and follow one of the routines you can watch completely free of charge. Bring your phone or laptop with you to the gym to follow along and utilize the weights and equipment as needed. 

Play a Game

Mobile games are often known as time killers for a good reason. Video games offer our brains a fun break from the stresses of the day, but they don’t have to be completely mindless! Puzzle games, hidden object mysteries and even sandbox games like Minecraft can help you use your mind in a new, creative way while working out. 

Listen to Podcasts and Learn Something New

Podcasts are a great way to explore your interests on the go. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts on the web that cover everything from lifestyle and fitness to haunted houses and history. Many positive podcasts feature uplifting, motivational podcasts to boost your positivity and help you see things from a brighter perspective. 

Take Charge of Your Workouts

The best way to make the gym less boring is to really engage yourself. Take control of your exercise routine by finding different workouts online you can try throughout the week. Track your progress, explore different machinery and take classes when you can. 

In order to make the gym less boring, we have to see our workouts as an opportunity instead of an obligation. When we realize that our trips to the gym are really packed with plenty of chances to learn something new and relax, exercise becomes a reprieve and something you can actually look forward to doing.

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