Considering a Divorce? Here are 4 Things You Must Think About

Getting divorced raises important issues in dissolving a relationship and all that is involved. The amount of time and effort needed to work through an amicable agreement usually depends on the couple’s willingness to be honest and fair about the division of assets and child custody arrangements. Here are some of the most important aspects of a divorce that require some thought and planning.

Individual Identity

As part of the divorce proceedings, the wife can request the restoration of her married name or keep her husband’s surname if preferred. Identity related to health insurance, life insurance, and emergency contact if the divorced spouse becomes ill or goes to the hospital should be considered. Some divorced people continue to share some of these things due to convenience or cost. You might also want to think about which friendships to retain without forcing the friends you shared as a couple to choose between either of you after the divorce.

Child Custody

Sharing custody for children born during the marriage is a major focus during divorce. Where they will attend school, religious affiliation, and holiday visits will need to be determined by both spouses in a shared parenting agreement or decided by the court. Dividing the children’s clothes and toys between two households is another challenge that requires thoughtful planning.

Marital Home

Most married couples share a residence that will play a role if they divorce. Sometimes the residence is sold, and the ex-spouses divide the profit. In other cases, one of the spouses stays in the home, especially if children are involved, and pays the other spouse for his or her share of home equity at the time of the divorce. Infrequently the divorced couple will continue to share the home albeit in separate bedrooms or different parts of the house.

Personal Assets

Unless a couple keeps everything separate in their marriage, shared assets like furniture or a car will have to be divided or sold unless they agree to divvy things up. Personal belongings like clothes, tools, computer equipment and other possessions are typically kept by the person using them, unless the other spouse paid for the items or loaned them to the spouse. Other possessions may need to be negotiated, such as the potential return of a valuable wedding ring or vacation home inherited from a relative by one of the spouses. A divorce lawyer can help the couple to work through issues of this type.

Many people agree that divorce is not easy. Preparing for challenging questions and tough decisions may help the proceedings to progress smoothly.

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