6 Life Lessons You Can Learn After Divorce

The idea of marriage then divorce is usually never registered in our thought cause it’s never a good thing to separate parents from their kids, close families, friends, and homes. Divorce is a traumatic experience that leaves people with scars. It’s good to try and work this out except in cases of abuse and infidelity.

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Considering a Divorce? Here are 4 Things You Must Think About

Getting divorced raises important issues in dissolving a relationship and all that is involved. The amount of time and effort needed to work through an amicable agreement usually depends on the couple’s willingness to be honest and fair about the division of assets and child custody arrangements. Here are some of the most important aspects of a divorce that require some thought and planning.

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How To Put Your Kids First During a Divorce

Divorce is never pretty, especially when children are involved. If you and your spouse are headed to divorce, there are things both of you can do to ensure your children come out of the process happy and healthy. The key is to make sure your children know the divorce has nothing to do with them and help them understand how much you and your former spouse love them. Here are some other tips to help kids get through a divorce.

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3 Circumstances That Can Affect Your Child Support

When parents choose to end their marriage, it doesn’t end the relationship that they have with their children. Typically, the parent who is not granted custody of a son or daughter will be required to make child support payments. However, there are several variables that could determine how much support a custodial parent will actually receive.

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Top 7 Cities for Millennial Divorce

Here is a listing of the top 7 cities for millennial divorce. Millennials may be defined as an individual born in the 1980s or 1990s. Anyone who is a millennial is young. If they are married they are in an early marriage. People who are in an early marriage have a higher rate of divorce. This may carry over to a community dynamic: cities that attract millennials with early marriages tend to have more divorces even when the people in the relationship are older. Which is a good time to remember the correlation is not causation! The statistics presented here show the rate of divorce per 1,000 individuals in each city and per 100 married individuals.
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5 Family Crisis and How to Handle Them

Although many life changes don’t happen overnight, some crises seem to occur in the blink of an eye. When a family crisis happens, communication often breaks down, and everyone in the family is affected. Children are not immune to the negative repercussions of a crisis, and they often deal with anxiety, stress, and sorrow when a crisis occurs. The following are five common family crises that, when appropriately handled, can rebuild or even prevent a breakdown in communication and negative emotions from overpowering reason and compassion.

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Struggling Through Divorce: 4 Tips For Helping Your Kids Understand The Process

Guest post contributed by Kara Masterson

Divorce isn’t just difficult for the married couple, it can be difficult for just about anyone involved. Friends, relatives, and children especially may find it harrowing to deal with a drastic life change like divorce. Kids are not as emotionally equipped to deal with a divorce as adults are. They may feel helpless about the situation or upset that they no longer spend as much time with one parent. To help your children through the divorce, here is some advice to keep in mind.
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