10 Ways Document Management Systems Protect Your Family

There are many important files that families need to preserve. Whether it’s birth certificates, insurance contracts, social security cards, or something else, you need to both preserve these items and have access to them when they are needed. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of a document management system.

Physical Files Can Be Lost

One way that a document management system can protect your family is by backing up your important files in the cloud where they will not be lost. Due to how cloud hosting is designed, files stored in the cloud are very hard to lose. This is not the case for physical paper files that are stored in your home or elsewhere.

Your Files Will Be Secured Online

Storing important files on generic file storage services is always a risk. At some point, those services could be breached by hackers, and that could mean that your private files will fall into the wrong hands. However, most document management systems are designed with the privacy and security of those files in mind. Security methods like encryption will prevent them from being accessed by anyone but you.

You Can Retrieve Your Documents When They Are Needed

A document management system is also designed to make retrieving your files quickly as easy as possible. You’ll be able to search for the documents you need and find them almost instantly. This will not be the case for paper documents in your home if you can’t remember exactly where you put them.

You’ll Save Time and Money

Using a document management system can also save time and money. For one, you won’t need to make as many paper copies. This will save on both paper and printer ink. You won’t have to pay to have an important document like a birth certificate re-issued if you have the digital backup in the cloud. You won’t have to spend time or money on messing with bulky file cabinets either.

You Will Be Better Protected Legally

Having quick access to important files also means being able to access them when legal disputes could arise. For example, having a copy of a contract you made with a construction contractor in your document management system means you will have a copy to reference if the contractor does not live up to their promises. Using a legal files document management system means being able to send files to your lawyer immediately.

It Can Help You With Audits

Using a document management system can protect you if you are ever audited by the IRS. You can store all your IRS documents as well as any relevant financial documents with a document management system. This means being able to pull up the documents needed to prove that you were truthful on your tax forms.

It Can Increase the Productivity of Your Home Office

If you work from home, a document management system can be a great help in regards to increasing your productivity. You won’t have to spend as much time dealing with printing out documents or cataloging them. Instead, the files you need will be able to be pulled up in a few seconds when you need them.

It Can Help the Environment

Document management systems also have the benefit of you helping to increase the eco-friendliness of your household. This will certainly be true in regards to the amount of paper your family uses over the course of a year. You may have assumed it wouldn’t make much of a difference. However, a person wastes seven trees worth of paper each year. Every little bit helps.

It Can Help Your Family Quickly Complete Government Forms

Completing government forms and procedures can be very technical and require the submission of documentation that proves you are who you say you are. Obtaining a driver’s license, for example, requires multiple forms of ID. Having a document management system means you’ll be able to access the needed documents instantly.

It Can Keep Your Family Healthy

A document management system can also be used to store and categorize important medical documents for your different family members. Most doctors’ offices, in fact, use very similar software. If you need to reference a document regarding a family member’s health, a document management system can help you do that very easily.


There are, indeed, many benefits to using a document management system for a family. Overall, it can protect your most important documents and make them readily available when you need them most.


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