Processing the Loss of a Close Loved One

When somebody close to you passes away, your mind is suddenly filled with raw emotions and thoughts. You may feel anger, guilt or sadness at the death of your family member, all of which are completely valid feelings during this difficult time. Whether you’re looking for a sentimental way to remember your loved one, or you want to find an appropriate way to say goodbye to them, there are a number of ways to process your loss. If you want some ideas on how to gently introduce yourself to the grieving process, here are a few things you can try.

Plan a Heartfelt Memorial

After a close friend or family member has passed away, it is a good idea to plan a memorial or ceremony of some kind. This is the ideal way to honor them and talk about how impactful they were in everybodys’ lives around you. If your loved one wished for a cremation, this is also a possibility, so seek out an excellent local service who can provide you with more information on this process.

Talk to Your Family and Children

Your family and children will be there to comfort you and protect you during this difficult time, so don’t be afraid to lean on them for support if you need it. Speak openly about your feelings and talk about your emotions. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable at this time will ultimately help you heal in a healthy way.

Be Kind To Yourself

When you’re experiencing grief, it’s more important than ever to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with kindness in everything that you do, and don’t increase your expectations too quickly. If you need to take some time away from work, speak to a therapist or cancel some upcoming social events, listen to your instincts and do what feels right for you at this time.

Remember Your Loved One Fondly

Talking about your loved one can really help you to process their death. Although your emotions may feel raw at the moment, remembering them fondly can help you to turn a negative into a positive. If you share numerous fond memories together you may want to create a photo album or scrapbook to refer to everytime you want to think about them. Having a special keepsake is a beautiful way to hold someone close to your heart forever when they have passed away.

All in all, losing a close loved one can be an upsetting time and a long journey to emotional recovery. However, if you take the time to show kindness and compassion towards yourself, you will find the process more gentle and bearable. Surround yourself with supportive people who can ease your worries and burdens. Make sure you talk with your family and children about what is happening, and most of all be kind to yourself in every way possible. The road ahead will get easier, but it will take some time to heal. 

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