How Students Benefit from Storage Solutions

Students never have enough space and so will look to solutions to create more of it for themselves. Creative brains will usually have an answer. Scientific minds will also think about how we can best make use of the space available to us. In most cases, a 10×10 storage unit can make all the difference.

So, how do students create space?

Sharing Possessions

A student will gain much space by sharing their items with a fellow student. A dictionary might be shared by one person and a ruler by another. If lectures are at different times, the table for a laptop will be available to both.

It is always a good idea to check who else is interested in the same university so that students can book accommodation together. For the first year, living arrangements might be on university premises, which will give students a chance to get to know each other before coming up with a convenient living arrangement that suits all.


Technology has helped vastly with saving space for students. For instance, a student can have access to a dictionary online so there will be no need for a physical book. It is the same with books that are needed for courses to reference arguments in essays. Online books can be used as secondary sources. 

Students do not need maps with us because phones now include very good GPS and navigational systems to get us from A to B. In any case, if the right accommodation is sought, student housing will not be far away.

Self-Storage Units

For those items that cannot be doubled-up on or those that students cannot avoid having in some form, we have self-storage units to be thankful for.

Surplus clothes can be kept in self-storage units. Perhaps a spare pair of trainers. Study materials that are not needed until next term can be too. It is for a student to decide, but it is good knowing that the extra space exists and that our items can be close by. Nobody wants to be surrounded by clutter that is theirs or belongs to the person studying alongside them.

Self-storage is a cost-effective solution when it is shared between students and their parents. This can make it a very affordable option that benefits everyone. 

These storage units are good for items of value that students might not want to share. When going on a night out, it can be unnerving to leave valuable items inside student accommodation. There may be security monitoring the situation but there might be a lot of students all moving around as distractions. In turn, keeping sentimental items in a locked and secure unit is something that appeals to many students.

Self-storage units become more affordable if shared. Booking a small unit can provide enough space without costing more than it needs to. Booking them is as easy as seeking them out online. It is a case of working out which one is closest, thinking of its size, and the facilities it offers. For a student storage unit, security is likely to be the most important feature. These units will generally have 24/7 surveillance that will include restricted access, CCTV, and cameras watching what is going on at all times. This is for the protection of a student’s items and peace of mind.

Improved Use of Space

Everyone not being in the same space at the same time will have its benefits. It is useful to take the opportunity to share the company of others on a night out where possible, rather than when couped up. This will give everyone the space that they need.

Liking similar foods will help with the food cupboard and fridge space. It is more convenient to buy in bulk and have one box inside a cupboard than several with different requirements inside.

Students love their freedom. It is why they go away to study to have that time away from home. This freedom can be hampered if living spaces become cluttered by the objects of any of the students living there. There is something that can be done about this, though. Students can look to share possessions, embrace technology as much as possible, rent storage units, and improve the space around them by thinking about how they arrange things and the time they spend together.


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