Reusable Products that Cut Down on Waste this Holiday Season

image by Brightly

The amount of waste that people produce today is increasing each year. During the holiday season, the amount of waste is even more significant. For instance, the amount of waste increases by 25% during the Thanksgiving and winter holiday seasons. Apart from food waste, during this period, the dumpsters are also filled with winter decorations, greeting cards, or wrapping paper. When you think about this, the holiday period doesn’t seem so merry and bright.

Yet, the situation is not as nasty as it seems! Brightly offers a viable solution by putting sustainability on top of the gift-giving list. It is an online storefront that promotes environmental protection. Their holiday staples promote these principles and come with a unique and special eco-friendly gifting.

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Reusable Gift Fabric – These medium cotton gift wraps (28 x 28 inches square) feature original artwork by Buenos Aires-based artist Vivi Maidanik and Serbian artist Rialda Dizdarević. They’re perfect for wrapping gifts around the size of a shoebox. Made from 100% cotton and machine washable, this reusable product is great for cutting down on waste this holiday season.

Swedish Dishcloth Greeting Cards  – Brightly has fused the principles of a classic Swedish Dishcloth with the timeless whimsy of a greeting card. Simply write your message with a permanent marker on the inside/back; after your friend has read it, they can use it as a dishcloth! With just one of these, you get the same use as 17 rolls of paper towels.

Compostable Gift Bows  – These low-waste bows are made with natural fiber cotton yarn and brightly colored with water-based dyes. Each eco-friendly bow has a special adhesive, allowing you to stick it right onto the outside of the gift. Reuse these bows for years to come, then compost the ribbon at the end of its life. 

As insignificant as it may sound, if we all do our part, it will make a huge difference. So, what are your thoughts on this holiday season? Have you added sustainability to your bucket list? Choose Brightly as the one-stop shop and choose various eco-friendly products that will help you make a difference.

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