Multi-Generational Music Enrichment: Why It’s Well Worth Sharing Music With Your Kids

From sports to sharing stories to involving them in your hobbies, and more, there really is no end to how you can interact with your children in a meaningful way. One of the funnest ways to share a new part of yourself with your kids, however, is by introducing them to the music that you enjoyed at their age. 

You can share the music that you enjoyed as a kid, the tunes you liked as a young adult or even the music that you like right now. Music is known for being a universal interest, a force that unifies, crosses divides, and unites generations. The type of music you listened to as a kid may have inspired you in some way to become the person that you are today, which is well worth passing down to your children. Listening to music from select eras may also inspire you to recollect forgotten memories from your childhood, which your kids are sure to find interesting.

Let’s take a look at just a few other reasons you should break out the turntables and share some of your life’s best hits with your kids today. 

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

One of the funnest elements of listening to music with your kids is taking a chart-topping trip down memory lane together. Your children were probably exposed to a lot of your music when they were younger, so hearing all of these tunes again may even bring about a sense of nostalgia for you both. As you sit (or dance!) and listen, you can tell your children stories of you buying your first records, going to gigs or playing music with friends, and let them get to know the younger you. And who knows? Maybe sharing these stories may inspire them to share a little of theirs with you too!

Improve Your Bond

Music has been shown to deepen the bond between people from all walks of life, including parents and their children. With just a few comfy cushions, some vintage records, and a well-placed turntable, you and your children will be able to delve into a world of art and culture that they’ll find has shaped their lives just as much as it has shaped your own. In essence, sharing music strengthens familial bonds simply because it ties the story of your family all together. 

You should feel encouraged to listen however you feel most comfortable as well. Sing along together, have a dance, or simply sit in silence and enjoy the music. However you choose to listen, spending this quality time with your children is highly likely to improve your relationship moving forward.

Find Common Ground

Of course, sharing your music with your kids will naturally also mean that they’ll get to share some music with you too, so get ready to listen when that time comes! Whether your kids are into hip-hop, electronic dance music, pop or reggae, there’s a good chance that some of their musical tastes came from you. 

Listening to your own music can help you to find some common ground with your children and help them to understand their own musical tastes better. New music is always inspired by something that came before it, so take this opportunity to compare notes and discuss the music you are listening to with your kids. In doing so, you may even find that your kids feel encouraged to get into playing or making music themselves! This is a superb result, and can only result in your kids developing some highly valuable musical skills that they can then enjoy throughout a lifetime of musical enjoyment and enrichment.

Share The Magic Of Music With Your Children

There’s no denying the power of music. It has impacted some of the most prolific events in human history and it can have an impact on the relationship you have with your kids too. Spend time together listening to your old records, tell stories and share quality time together listening to your favourite tunes. 

When you make a conscious effort to incorporate music into your everyday life and your childrens’ lives, you may become much more creative and open minded with regards to the world around you.

Encouraging your child to play a musical instrument is another way to bring music into their life. Visit for more information regarding musical equipment for everyone in the family. As soon as you try making music for yourself, you will notice how incredible it can make you feel. This is the type of skill that can benefit your child in the long term, so it’s worth exploring this new venture together.

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