Best Foundations for Dry Skin – A Comprehensive List of the Best Brands to Choose From!

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What is Dry Skin?

We all can have dry skin problems at some point, from small babies to old-aged people. 

So what is dry skin? Our skin has an element called the Natural Moisturizer factor that keeps our skin soft and supple. It’s secreted inside our skin and sustains our skin moisturized for 24 hours. 

What happens when it goes off?

Well, it depends on many factors such as, changing climate, using harsh and hard water, extremely cold weather, daily habits, medical issues like diabetes or it can happen because of drug intake. 

It deranges the natural moisturizer factor that causes our skin to look dry. It can lead to various serious problems such as skin cracks or dry patches where bacteria can enter causing infection or excessive dryness can lead to skin rash or acne. 

What are the Signs of Dry Skin?

Normally dry skin happens because of the seasons especially winter and the good thing is it’s temporary most of the time. It varies based on age, skin tone, health, climate, or exposure to the sun. The following are some symptoms of dry skin:

  • Itchiness 
  • Looking & Feeling a rough skin
  • Skin tightness 
  • Cracked skin
  • Severe scaling and peeling 
  • Fine lines or cracks
  • Deep cracks that may cause bleeding 
  • Skins go grayish, brownish, or blackish 
  • Severe flaking 

How to Treat and Prevent Dry Skin Conditions?

There are several ways to treat and prevent dry skin conditions. One way is to moisturize with lotions or creams containing oils like sheaf butter or coconut oil that help seal in moisture for up to 24 hours. Another way is to use a humidifier at home or work during the winter months when the air becomes very dry from heating systems running constantly and cold temperatures outside.

There are also some lifestyle changes you can make such as using mild soaps and avoiding excessive hand washing, which will help keep your skin hydrated.

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The Best Foundations for Dry Skin and How to Choose the Right One for Your Skin Texture

The best foundations for dry skin are a great way to get the coverage you need without looking cakey. They also provide a lot of moisture to the skin and help it stay hydrated.

A good foundation for dry skin should have a matte finish and not be too thick or heavy. It should also be able to cover blemishes, redness, and any other imperfections while still feeling lightweight on the skin.

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is a foundation that is specially designed for people with dry skin. It has been formulated to provide the right amount of moisture to the skin and it gives natural coverage. The price ranges between Rs 2600 – 3300. 

2. LA Girl PRO Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation 

Foundation is a significant part of any makeup routine, but it’s not always easy to find the right one. The LA Girl PRO Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation is an excellent option for dry skin as it has a matte finish and is oil-free.

The foundation comes in 20 different shades and has SPF 20, which will help protect your skin from the sun. It also contains vitamin C, which will brighten your complexion and make you look more awake.

The LA Girl PRO Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation lasts all day and doesn’t get oily or cakey, even on dry skin types. If you’re looking for a new foundation, this one should be on your list!

You can buy LA Girl PRO Coverage HD Illuminating Foundation between  RS 1600-2200. 

3. Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

The Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation is a best-selling foundation designed to be long-lasting and provide coverage for up to 16 hours. The formula is lightweight, so it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

This foundation has a matte finish that stays put all day. It’s also oil-free and contains SPF 15, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin. The stick design makes it easy to apply and blend, which is incredible for on-the-go makeup application.

The foundation comes in a range of shades, so you are sure to find your perfect match. This product has SPF 30, which is perfect for sun protection & you can buy it between RS 11-1500. 

4. Loreal Fresh Wear Foundation

Many foundations on the market are specifically designed for dry skin, but there is one that stands out – Loreal Fresh Wear Foundation. This foundation has a matte finish and it is made with a new formula that absorbs oil and mattifies the skin. It also has SPF 20 to protect your skin from sun damage.

The Loreal foundation is a best-selling product for dry skin. It provides medium to full coverage and is one of the most popular foundations on the market. The formula is oil-free and has an SPF of 15. It also has a matte finish that can last up to 16 hours. You can buy it for Rs 2300 – 3800. 

To conclude

While winter is on the corner, it gets quite intimidating to live with dried skin.  We can say that all the above-mentioned best foundations are great and you can use any of them for medium-tone skins. You can choose any of them depending on your budget and needs. 

Author Bio:

I am Waqar Ahmad, Marketing Professional at Guruapp. It is Pakistan’s leading online cosmetic store in Pakistan, GuruApp offers its valued customers with 100% genuine and premium quality skin care products online countrywide.


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