7 Thoughtful Condolence Gifts to Show Your Support

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Finding a thoughtful condolence gift for your loved one struggling with grief can be tricky. You don’t want to get something so generic as that shows a lack of effort, and you also don’t want to get something like a prewritten card that is not so personal. 

While there are several gift ideas to choose from, including the ones in this list, you should consider factors such as your loved one’s age, attachment to their lost loved one, the stage of grief, and so on. Knowing these will help you decide what the best gift should be. Here are seven suggestions.

A Personal Keepsake

A personal keepsake can be anything given to you by the deceased. While you might also be grieving and probably need this keepsake as an attachment given to you by the lost loved one, giving this gift to show support for your grieving loved one will mean a lot because this person will know that you are also grieving but choose to stand by them in this time of need by this gesture. 

This type of gift is best for cases where the person you are giving this gift has a closer connection to the lost loved one than you do and may, therefore, be in more pain over the loss. 

A Thinking of You Package

Consider a “thinking of you” package as a gift to your grieving loved one to show your support during their trying time. Such “thinking of you” packages may include a fruit basket, a box of sweets, randomized gifts, and more.

These packages indicate to your loved one that you care about them and are thinking of them even though you may or may not be experiencing the same pain over their loss. This type of gift is great for those who were not close to the deceased person but know someone who was.

A Memorial Recording

One of the most personal and thoughtful gifts you can give someone is a recording of their lost loved one’s voice and a video (if possible) helping them through the grief. Plan this type of gift long before the deceased person passes on, for instance, in cases of terminal illness. They record a message that talks to a particular loved one that will be hurt especially hard by their passing.

Use the recording to help them handle the grief. This initiative can be a great gift to a spouse or family of the lost loved one. They will listen to the recording and be comforted, especially if the message is upbeat and encouraging. 

A Custom Urn

If they cremate the remains of the lost loved one, a custom urn is a thoughtful condolence gift, and it is also practical storage for the loved one’s cremated remains. A great urn can come in infinite shapes, but the standard urns provided to family members after cremation are generally impersonal and not pretty. 

A perfect custom urn that reflects the type of person the lost loved one was will be a thoughtful condolence gift because it will be personal and pretty, as it portrays something that this person cared about. This is an excellent option for the family members of the lost loved one.

Personalized Memorial Jewelry

Personalized memorial jewelry is a great thoughtful condolence gift because it keeps loved ones close to their heart. Jewelry could include necklaces, stamped lures for fishing lovers, lockets, bracelets, and more. 

Personalizing jewelry to make it unique will be a more meaningful gift for them to wear and carry around. During grief, people may feel connected to their roots more than ever. If you can identify what they deeply care about during this time and customize your jewelry gift to this, it will be a meaningful gift to them and also help them on their healing journey. 

A Memorial Journal

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Sometimes, some things are left unsaid, and issues are left unresolved between someone and their lost loved one. Allowing them to write these feelings down can be such a thoughtful act on your part.

This reason is why memorial journals are such thoughtful gifts. These journals can serve as a platform for this person to process grief and record memories. They can write letters to help them feel closer to the lost loved one.

A Donation to Something Their Loved One Cared About

Donating to a cause or organization that the deceased person cared about on their behalf can be a great gift to give to those who are grieving the loss. Some organizations may even give you recognition in the form of an item like a bookplate or certificate with the lost loved one’s name on it as a recognition of their contribution. You may then present this item as a gift to the grieving person. 

While the donations can cost a few dollars, having recognition from the cause that the lost loved one cared about will be a great way to celebrate the life of the lost loved one and a truly thoughtful gift to the grieving recipient. 

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