Enjoy the Indoors This Winter with Pressman Games

Stuck Indoors?  Time Flies with Pressman Games!

During the winter we are often inside a good percentage of the time.  Since the weather is harsh and cold, long days of outside play are something to look forward too with the coming of spring.  That does not mean winter needs to be boring or without its own fun.  Pressman Games has great choices to turn the time inside into great family memories.  There are games geared to the whole family, some for just adults, and even picturesque puzzles to while away those cozy hours inside together.

Wheel of Fortune

I was able to try Wheel of Fortune, Are You Normal, F in Exams, and a Panographs puzzle with a photo from Ken Duncan.  My husband and I were really excited about Wheel of Fortune since we both grew up watching the show.  I read the instructions and we started the fun.  My kids caught on real quick and we had a lot of fun spinning the wheel and solving the puzzles.  I won the first round!  The game has an entire book of puzzles that have four puzzles on each card.  Therefore this game can be played over and over again.  I think the format they set up the answers in is great, because everyone can play, even the letter turner.  Since no one has to sit out, the whole group can just have a grand old time.

F in Exams

My kids and I then played F in Exams, a game of trivia with a twist.  Before you answer the question you get to hear a real life answer the a student some where wrote.  These jewels will make you laugh, and sometimes just shake your head.  An example is “Name three types of angles?”  The totally wrong answer given is “Charlie’s Angles.”  After you hear that you have to pick the right answer from multiple choices.  When you choose your answer you also make a wager.  Therefore this is not a straight trivia game, and the wagers make it any man’s game to win.  I like the fact that the trivia questions will make you think, so it is educational as well as fun.


Are You Normal

If you want to invite some adult friends over, and have a fun game night, check out Are You Normal!  This game for ages 18+ rates how normal you are with a poll of 100 people.  You read a question such as “Do you sleep naked?”  You pick yes or no as your hidden answer, plus guess what your friends said as their answer.  Then you see how normal or not you all are.  This game really allows you to learn some crazy fun things about your friends.  Some things you would never think to ask, like ” Do you believe aliens exist?” 
I have not had friends over just yet, because my husband has the flu, but I did enjoy playing this game with just him.  I have to say what is considered normal these days is very funny.  

Ken Duncan Panographs Puzzle

On those really laid back days pull out a panographs “Images of America” puzzle and try your hand at creating a beautiful scenic picture from the photography of Ken Duncan.  These lovely Images of America are challenging and once complete, very beautiful.  I am currently working on a scene of the Promise of Peace, Yankee Boy Basin, Colorado.  It is a flower full field with a rainbow, and mountains in the background.  Breathtaking and the 504 pieces offer quite the challenge.  I like the calm nature of puzzles that allows you to just concentrate on images and take a break from the fast pace of daily life.    I have the outside finished, now I need to just fill in the rest of the puzzle.  It might take me some time, but I accept the challenge and will finish this puzzle.

Grab some Pressman games and spend great family time, while the weather keeps you indoors.

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  1. This looks like a really neat puzzle. We like to put the pieces out and work on them as a family.

  2. Pressman Games has a lot of terrific selections. I would enjoy Wheel of Fortune and this would be a fun family night to play.

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