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I participated in the Texas de Brazil Campaign on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers. My guests and I received complimentary meals to facilitate this post, but the opinions, creative content, and photographs are my own.

Selecting a restaurant can be a little tough, especially if it’s hard to please the people you are eating with. Who wants to hear complaints when you’re enjoying your food? At Texas de Brazil, there will be nothing but smiling faces, exciting new foods to try and rave reviews coming from everyone around you.

What Kind of Restaurant is Texas de Brazil?

Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian steakhouse, complete with churrascaria style dining. What is this long Portuguese word? The quick definition is that a churrascaria is a place where meat is cooked in churrasco style, which roughly means barbecue. At traditional Bazilian-style steakhouses, servers come to the table with knives and a skewer filled with different kinds and cuts of meats. For example, when I went to Texas de Brazil, I was impressed with the roasted lamb, sirloin, and Brazilian sausage. My daughter is still talking about the lamb chops, while my son liked the garlic piranha (rump cap of the cow) and the filet mignon. There were so many different types of meat to try, it was impossible to not find one that you like.

The Service

The servers were so gracious and friendly and when they came by our table, they always had a smile on their face. When we were seated, our servers Marcella and William greeted us warmly. They made sure we understood the meaning of everything, answered our first-timer questions and they made sure that we were well taken care of throughout the meal.

Classy Atmosphere

What does one wear to Texas de Brazil and do you need a reservation? The style is smart/business casual, however, jeans are welcomed as well. A reservation is not needed, but if you have a large party, calling ahead is recommended. We had a reservation and were seated right away. There was no waiting because of this and it was so nice.

This restaurant is not only recommended for adults. They don’t have an age limit on who can come and dine. My husband was unable to join me for dinner and our reservation was for four. So, I took my teenagers and my friend, Gabi to enjoy this meal. It was perfect. The staff was so great. They laughed with us and answered all my kids’ questions.

There is no menu! It’s the greatest concept. You get seated, order beverages, visit the salad bar and when you return to your table, a nice basket of bread, a wonderful bowl of garlic red potatoes, and palate cleansing fried bananas are waiting on you. Servers come by to offer you meat in many varieties, while your waiter/waitress makes sure you have everything you need to make your dining experience all you hoped it would be.

A big part of Texas de Brazil is their salad bar area. Now, this isn’t a traditional chef salad bar. No, no, no. This bar has a variety of cheeses placed strategically throughout the dishes. They have delicious side dishes like couscous with cranberries. There was a wonderful potato salad that was a perfect accompaniment to all the hot off the spit meats. Vegetables, sauces, dips and soups are also in the salad area.

There is a full bar menu and a HUGE wine room. I, personally don’t drink very much, but my friend Gabi and I tried a Brazilian Caipirinha. This is Brazil’s National Cocktail. It was seriously amazing. They are light and refreshing, a perfect summertime drink. There are even virgin varieties for those under 21. My daughter tried one and it was also very good. Hers was like a strawberry limeade that was made fresh for her.

Should we even tell you about the dessert?

Dessert at Texas de Brazil is an experience all on its own.  Marcella came around with her samples of desserts. The kids, of course, lit up like a Christmas Tree while Gabi and I listened to the decadent descriptions that were presented to us. There were the usual suspects, cake, pie and creme brule. But, the way they were explained to us had our mouths watering!  We decided to try four different kinds, passing them around the table, allowing all of us to try each one. Between the Key Lime Pie, the Banana Foster Pie, the Triple Chocolate Cake and the Brazilian Cheesecake, we were all in heaven, brought on by the sugar coma. We couldn’t have asked for a better wrap-up of our meal than those delicious treats.

In the past 10 or so years, food has become mainstream. From the celebrity chefs cooking on TV, the at-home chefs catering a dinner party or just people becoming adventurous and trying new foods, eating has become a wonderful way to celebrate accomplishments, meet new people and wind down from a busy week at work. Texas de Brazil has been hosting wonderful dinners like these for twenty years.

All in all, Texas de Brazil is a wonderful place to celebrate family, friends and special occasions. It’s such a family-friendly atmosphere, but at the same time, it’s different than an American steakhouse where there are peanut shells under your feet. The whole place has an upscale dining air to it, while still offering a welcoming, friendly ambiance for everyone. This restaurant allows those who wouldn’t or haven’t had the opportunity to try certain foods feel at home and want sample everything. So, cheers to you, Texas de Brazil for 20 years!

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  1. There is a similar Brazilian restaurant in my town but I haven’t dined there yet. I need to add it on my list though, as the experience sounds fantastic. I love the no menu part.

  2. No menu? That’s interesting! I’d love to visit and experience this awesome restaurant style. Sounds fun!

  3. Looks like a great place for family bonding. I would love to try all the food and of course that special barbecue they had. I love also that they are open to feedbacks from customers. – Anosa Malanga

  4. The place looks like a very good place for family bondings. I love how the restaurant is open to feedbacks from their customer too. I must try their special barbecue and of course the desserts! – Anosa Malanga

  5. I have never heard this restaurant before! My husband and I love trying new restaurants and new foods so we will be on the look out for this restaurant new us

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