3 Things to Teach Your Kids about Fighting at School

Children fight. That’s the harsh reality of parenthood. While children fighting at home is expected and can be managed, children fighting at school brings a lot of other consequences and undesired attention. It’s important to talk to your children about the consequences of fighting before it becomes an issue in school. Here are some talking points you can work into the conversation.

Fights cause damage, both to property and to the bodies of those involved. If your child is the victim of a bully who pulls them into a physical fight, you have legal options available to you. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer will help you to determine the best course of legal action to take. You can be financially reimbursed for any medical bills or emotional distress caused by the fight. Alternatively, if your child starts the fight, you become financially liable for the damages. It’s important to inform your child of these very serious legal consequences should they decide to engage in a fight. Perhaps knowing these consequences will make them reconsider starting a fight with someone in the future.

Criminal Charges

Children’s brains aren’t usually developed enough that they are always aware of the concept of crimes like assault and battery. They work purely on instincts and emotions. Children who engaged in physical violence on school grounds are usually given a set of punishments that increase in severity if the fighting continues. Written warnings and suspensions are the first punishments administered by school staff. After that, a child can be expelled. If the child refuses to listen to their parents, the school can have criminal charges filed against the child, summoning them into juvenile court for a hearing.

Sets a Bad Example

Some families have children who are close enough in age that they’ll attend the same school for a few years before one moves onto the next level. During that time, the younger child will look up to their older sibling as an example of how to act in school. If the elder sibling is getting into fights on a frequent basis, this sets an example to the younger sibling on how they are expected to act. It can foster an unhealthy sense of aggression in younger siblings, turning both siblings into terrors for both their parents and the school.

Be sure to remind your children that fighting only leads to more problems. Talking through their feelings and discussing them with mature adults is the best method for solving problems.

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