How to Deal with School Bullying: A Guide for Parents

School bullying is big trouble, and one should know how to cope. Mean children are not just a high school problem. Bullying has become a part of primary school or early year groups. However, parents must notice such issues regarding their children. They should learn how to spot, deal with and protect children from bullies at different levels of academics. This is such a biggest challenge for the parents and they should be able to help children if they complain about being bullied. This blog will be going to help you learn the ways to save your child from this problem. 

Bullying can be a nightmare for children. Bullies can ruin their recess; the learning process and even psychological effects are no exceptions. It can leave severe and drastic emotional influences on the child. In some cases, it comes to extreme circumstances, including threats, property damage, or physical hurt. If your children face such issues in their schools, you must stop it as parents, and online tuition in the UK can help you out. Being a mature person and guardian, you can help your child cope with bullying, mean gossip, and regular teasing over something. 

Whether your child is facing these issues or not, they still need to get prepared for such things and how to deal with them. 

I have devised a guide for parents to deal with school bullying and prepare the child to stay firm. Once you have decided that peers are mistreating your child, here are the most innovative ways to deal with bullies.

Try to Stop the Bullying Beforehand

Think of ideas to stop bullying beforehand. Develop smart ideas for children to use in challenging situations. Following are some highly suggested ways to stop bullying before it escalates.

Work on Responses

You need to teach your child how to tell someone to stop bullying. Responses need to be rigid and direct but not combative. The common responses that you can teach your child are “do not do this,” “Leave me alone” or “that is not right.” A subtle shut-up call can save your child from the start.

Practice Role-Play

Role-playing can be a powerful tool to build your child’s confidence and encourage them to deal with bullying. You can act like a bully while asking your child to practice various responses. It helps them feel confident while handling such situations in school. Assist them in speaking in a firm tone. Do not cry, as it only makes the situation worse.

Work on Positive Body Language and Expressions

Get your child always ready to change their body language according to the situation. Ask them to rehearse different expressions while someone is bothering them. The child’s looks are way more important while encountering bullies. 

Listen to Your Child Carefully

Foster communication between you and your child. Regular listening will give your insight into their daily school routine. Try to keep a calm and positive tone. Nurture your child carefully so they are not afraid to tell you about things that bother them. Let them know that safety is more important than anything in your life, and they can always talk about their problems.

Boost the Child’s Confidence

A confident child is less vulnerable to bullies than those who lack confidence. However, build your child’s confidence and encourage them to participate in social activities and take time out for hobbies. Feeling good about themselves will improve their positive behavior. Point out their qualities and good habits so that they can feel assured. Confidence plays a vital role in dealing with bullies, and you are also a key player to make sure of the whole process.

Recognize the Child’s Efforts

It will help a lot if you let your child know they have done the right thing and made you proud by standing against the bullies. It encourages them to stand against the odds and teaches them a lesson. Whenever your child tells you that they have taught a bully a lesson, appreciate their efforts. Also, ask them to speak whenever they see a bully teasing another kid in the school. 

Guide Your Child to React Appropriately

Bullies lack sensitivity, and self-control and they always want to hurt their fellows. They want to control others’ lives, but you need to gear up your child to deal with such things firmly. Following are some strategies that can help your child deal with bullies. 

Keep a Positive Attitude

Teach your child to stay put and positive even if they have to hear some bad words from bullies. Do not let their words get into your mind. Reminding yourself that you are a great person will be a great help in dealing with bullies. 

Say Your Feelings

It is essential to let bullies know that they are hurting you or how you feel about what they say or do. Teach your child to speak about how you feel calmly. Let them know what is bothering you and try to do it with a determined tone.

Use Your Humor

Do not react aggressively to bullies. Instead, make jokes about their threats, sayings and walk away. Bully will think that he/she has got no influence over you and they will not tease you in the future. 

Do Not Cry Before the Bully

Your tears will excite the bully, and they will keep hurting you. So, what you need to do is to act like they are right. You can even say they speak the truth, and I should work on that part of my personality. Be confident and avoid as much as you can. Try not to cry in front of bullies.

Take Appropriate Steps to Prevent Bullying

Being parents, it is your responsibility to deal with the bullies teasing your young child. Your wise choices and actions will make your child’s life easy. Prepare your child to stop bullying with the following practices. 

Report the Bully

Teach your child to report the bully, and if they are hesitant, you must guide and help them. Being parents, you can use resources to stop bullying and save your child.

Encourage Your Child

Always encourage your child when they stand in front of bullies and take positive actions to stop them. 

Reach Out to the Parents

Contact the bully’s parents and let them know about your child’s condition. Call them and ask them to resolve this issue cooperatively. 

School bullying is one of the major concerns for parents worldwide. If you are seeking help in dealing with bullies in the UK, Adnan Khan Tutoring has some great tips and advice for you. 

For more tips on how to recognize, understand, and deal with bullying, check out this infographic by KCD.

This infographic was created by Kids Car Donations, donate your car for kids


Author Bio: I am Kassy Ware, I’ve been working with online tutoring services in the UK for the past 5 years as a professional content writer. An author who stimulates and inspires her readers to achieve their goals.

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