8 Key Principles for Effective Child Assessment

Parents, teachers, and caregivers are faced with several significant challenges when incorporating the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework in terms of childhood development. While an understandable amount of attention is placed upon activities and teaching methods during this stage, we need to remember that assessing a child is the best way to appreciate his or her unique strengths and weaknesses. Let us look at eight important assessment principles. 

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Talking To Your Child About People With Disabilities

Talking to your child about disabilities is an issue that every parent has to confront at some point. Whether it’s a classmate who is on the autism spectrum or someone who uses a wheelchair, it is likely that your child will come across someone with a disability. It is natural for them to be curious about people with disabilities. Whatever the situation may be, it is important that you as a parent are prepared to talk to your child openly and honestly about any questions that they might have.

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4 Things To Teach Your Child Before Sending Them to a Childcare Centre

Sending your child to a childcare centre for the first time can be worrisome. There are a lot of things to consider. How will they behave? Will they be scared without you there? How will they be treated by the care workers? As a parent, you likely want to make sure your child gets the best possible care. You can help ensure that by teaching your child a few simple things before their first day. If your child is about to start at a childcare centre, here are four things that they should know.

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Jobs Parents Might Like to Consider

There is no comparison to the sensation you get when you become a parent. Holding a new baby in your arms, knowing that in the blink of an eye this baby will soon be grown and leaving home, is a strange sensation and it goes all too fast.

But though you can only raise your own child once, the experience you gain during this time is incomparable. And though your own child may be leaving home, there are plenty of children who could still benefit from your help as a professional.

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3 Things to Teach Your Kids about Fighting at School

Children fight. That’s the harsh reality of parenthood. While children fighting at home is expected and can be managed, children fighting at school brings a lot of other consequences and undesired attention. It’s important to talk to your children about the consequences of fighting before it becomes an issue in school. Here are some talking points you can work into the conversation.

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10 Healthy Habits Every Mother Should Teach Her Kids

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Whether you take your child to a game or play with them using a kid’s paintball gun, raising kids is a difficult job but if you commit yourself to it, you’ll realize that it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Raising your children when they’re teenagers or adolescents puts a huge responsibility on the parents. As a mother, it is important to understand your child both as a human being but also as a boy or girl. For a mother to ensure that her child deserves the best, it is important that she realizes that she has to cut off a few things for the sake of her children. In simple words, if you’re a mother and you’re reading this, you’ll have to pace up because your attitude is going to determine the future of your children.

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