Three Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors In Winter

As Autumn draws to a close and winter creeps in, getting outside and enjoying nature is harder because of the wet and muddy weather. For adults this is hard, but if you’ve got children with lots of energy to burn, not being able to enjoy the outdoors as much could be a bit of a headache. 

Being outside has so many health benefits, and not being able to go out and reap the rewards of being at one with nature can be detrimental to people of all ages and walks of life. 

Many people might suggest simply going out for a wintery stroll is sufficient, but for those who work all day and don’t get home until it’s dark, having a walk isn’t necessarily an option. Going home and sitting in the garden isn’t an option either, or is it?

However you and your family like to experience the great outdoors, there’s something on this list for you.

  1. Campfire
    Everyone loves a BBQ in the summer, and there’s no reason you can’t experience the joys of eating outdoors, even at the end of the year. Setting up a campfire and roasting marshmallows whilst wrapped up in a blanket with a flask of hot chocolate is something that can be done any night of the week from the comfort of your own home. 

If you want to go one step further, you could even cook your dinner over the firepit. Not only will you get tasty food, but you will also get to experience nature in all its glory as the stars twinkle overhead. 

If you don’t have space for a campfire, you can invest in an outdoor heater and still enjoy all that your garden and the earth has to offer. 

Although commonly associated as a camping activity, the benefits of a garden campfire are that you have access to all your favourite home comforts including a cosy bed, a proper bathroom and – when things get too cold – heating. 

If you or your family want to have some quality down time together, a garden campfire is a great way to step away from technology and the stresses of modern day life and go back to basics. 

  1. Hot Tub
    This is a slightly more high-end way to enjoy the outdoors during winter, but it’s one that’s well worth the money if you can afford it. 

Hot tubs are relaxing at the best of times, but there’s nothing better than beating the bitter chills of winter whilst enjoying the relaxing, steamy bubbles after a long day at work. 

Half an hour in a toasty hot tub will give you the time to relax your mind and body after a long day at work whilst giving you all the benefits of breathing in the healthy winter air. 

If you have a hot tub or decide to invest in one and use it during winter, it’s worth reading up maintenance tips to make sure it stays in top working condition for the cold nights ahead. 

  1. Playground
    Winter is hard on adults, but it’s harder for children who have energy to burn and nowhere to go. For lots of parents, playgrounds and the garden are a no-go because of mud and the mess it causes. If this is the case for you, there is a way you can allow your children to play outside or at the park without the hassle of scrubbing wellies and cleaning carpets when you get home.

Most towns and cities have at least one playground with artificial grass underneath. This means it isn’t muddy or messy, and that’s welcome news for parents of active children.

Going to one of these play areas will give your children some much needed time outdoors and give you the opportunity to socialize with other parents, but without the associated hassle.

Whichever way you decide to enjoy nature during winter, remember to wrap up warm and keep yourself safe from the elements. 

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