How to Have a Holistic Morning Routine

When you’re developing a holistic approach, you’re not just treating a symptom. You’re getting to the root of the matter. You’re healing the problem from the root. This helps to decrease the chances of an issue occurring again. 

If you’re struggling to feel your best throughout the day, consider how you’re starting your mornings. The way you start is oftentimes the way you’ll finish. If you’re starting the mornings on your smartphone, in a rush, or feeling anxious, you’ll carry those feelings throughout your day. Instead, consider the following tips to have a holistic morning routine.

1. Set the Mood

When you’re first opening your eyes and welcoming a new day, your mood matters. One of the best ways to set the tone for a new day involves creating a great ambiance. Set the mood by opening the blinds, lighting a candle, or turning on an essential oil diffuser. Make your bed so that you’re not tempted to get back in it.

2. Stretch and Ground Your Body

The older you get, the more important stretching becomes. When you don’t stretch, you increase your chances of injuring your body. If you want to be limber and mobile without straining yourself, be intentional about stretching your body when you get out of bed. 

Ground yourself by standing up on both feet. If you have the space to do this, consider moving outside to plant your feet in the grass. Doing this practice on the grass can be extremely empowering and liberating.

3. Drink Water

Hydration is essential for every part of your body’s ability to function correctly. This includes your brain. If you haven’t developed a habit of drinking enough water each day, now is a good time to start. 

Water helps with digestion, brain function, and energy. While there’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee, green tea, or a smoothie, let water be the first drink of choice. 

Fill a tumbler of water each night, and bring it with you to your bedroom. When you wake up in the morning, it’ll be easy to reach for the water. You can even leave a carafe of water next to your bed each night. Just be sure that one of the first morning actions you take is drinking water.

4. Pay Attention to Your Senses

Take time to draw in a few deep breaths. Deep-breathing exercises help you to become more aware of your body, your surroundings, and your needs. 

As you take in deep breaths, take this time to meditate. Try to notice something through each of your senses. When you open your eyes, what is something you see, touch, taste, or smell? If you’ve drawn yourself a cup of green tea or coffee, taste and savor the flavors and inhale the aromas. 

In order to decrease pain and discomfort in your body, add a few drops of a CBD oil tincture topically. As you massage the oil into your skin, take time to notice and appreciate your body. This process not only requires you to slow down, but it encourages a strong sense of mindfulness.

5. Pour Positivity into Your Brain

Your thoughts matter because they guide you throughout your day. If you’re constantly meditating on negative feelings and thoughts, you’ll only manifest more of those negative experiences. 

If you want to experience positivity, find ways to feed your mind positivity. You can do this by reading books on positive thinking, self-help, and motivation. You can also read books that are known for empowering messages and more. 

Listen to audiobooks if you’d prefer to consume information in that format. Create a YouTube playlist of inspiring motivational speakers. Use their empowering words as fuel to guide you as you begin the day. 

You can also pour positivity into your brain through a gratitude journal. By writing down five things you’re grateful for, you’ll place yourself in the position to receive the best that life has to offer. You’ll face the world differently when you’re coming from a place of pure gratitude.

The Bottom Line

If you’re used to scrolling until you decide to get out of bed, this might feel like a foreign routine to you. However, be consistent with the process. Be patient and gentle with yourself. As you fully surrender to the concept of maintaining a holistic approach to your morning routine, you’ll feel and experience the benefits. Once you’re feeling those benefits, it’ll be difficult to go back to anything prior.

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