Hallowed Halls: 3 Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your House the Spookiest

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Halloween is a time of the year when you can let your imagination show in how you decorate your home. From creepy graveyard settings in the yard to flashing lights inside the home, there are numerous ways to make your house the spookiest in the neighborhood. When you begin decorating, you need to gather all the supplies that you need beforehand in case you need to purchase extra items, such as light bulbs or switches, which would be needed to make something light up or move.

Haunted Graveyard

This is a decorating idea that takes Halloween outdoors. When you think about walking through a cemetery, especially on Halloween, you might think about zombies and hands coming from the ground. The first thing that you want to do is position headstones to look like real graves with a mound of dirt either to the side or in front of the stone. Next, put skeleton hands in the ground so that they look like they are reaching out to grab someone. Position a fog machine near the grave to make it look like fog rolling on the ground. The key to this design idea is to make it look realistic instead of making it appear fake. Avoid using fake blood on the skeleton parts that are used, but you could paint them so that there are different shades of brown or gray to make it look like aging.

Boards and Lights

If you don’t want to spend much time decorating outside, then combine a few elements of the indoors and the windows for a creepy effect. Put boards over the windows, with some of the boards being broken so that it looks like the house is abandoned. Position a few lights at the windows along with a few black cutout designs to make it seem like people are hanging from the ceiling or peering out the windows. You might need to get a few power cords from electrical companies, like Americord, so that you have lights at all the right places in the home for the look to be complete.

Murder Scene

The iconic murder scene at a haunted house is one that often draws quite a bit of attention. If you have a garage, then position a body at the closed door with the head gone and blood splattered everywhere. You can also position a fake body inside the home hanging from a ceiling fan or a light. Another idea would be to put a fake body in the tub with blood splatters on the floor and the walls.

Whether you want something lighthearted and simple or something gory, there are numerous ideas for Halloween that will have everyone talking. When you begin decorating, think about the impact that you want to pull off. Try to use materials that are realistic instead of those that immediately look fake.

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