8 DIY Natural Bug Repellent Remedies

Summer breezes are something to never miss out on. Opening all the windows in your home to catch that summer breeze sounds wonderful, and it very much is! The one bummer about leaving all the windows and doors open is you may not only be welcoming in the summer air. Summertime is also known for the rise of pesky pests and creepy crawlers, no thank you!

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid those bothersome bugs, without using traditional toxic pesticides! Turbo Tenant has eight different bug repellent solutions that will knock out all the summer bugs, all while staying clean and green! Each of these methods calls for organic ingredients that you most likely have lying around the home already. Unbug your summer with solutions to all your common household bug problems.

There is a method for each common household bug, including ants in the pantry, bed bugs in the bedrooms, cockroaches in the garage, boxelder bugs near doors, pantry moths trying to dig through your food, fruit flies guarding your fruit, dust mites on furniture, and those annoying black flies that pop around the house.

Not only will you be using sustainable products and saving money, but each method is made to ensure to not take up your time. Each method uses only 5-10 minutes of your time to create the solutions. Try out these solutions and let us know your best bug battle victories!

8+ Natural Bug Repellents

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