Easy-to-do Ideas For a Boho-inspired Halloween Party

Guest post contributed by Donna

Are you tired of having the similar concept for Halloween each year? Why don’t you try this theme that would give the night of October 31 a new vibe?

Bohemian or Boho and Halloween are two different styles that you can’t imagine would fit. Boho is a combination of a Bohemian style and chic vibes. All in all, it gave you the vintage style that is much similar to the hippies of the 60s and 70s. It can make the wearer classy, cool or edgy–depends on how would she match the outfits.

The thing with boho is that it could give you the mystery feeling that can be connected with the scary theme that Halloween brings. Here are things that you might want to recreate to make your party a bit unusual than what it used to be.  

Choose the perfect location

It’ll not be a Boho if it’s not being held outside. If it’s allowed, you can choose a cemetery close to your home as a venue. There are some cemeteries that are allowing parties like this but with some restrictions that you need to follow for your own safety, and of your guests, too.

A forest can be a great place where you can hold your Halloween party. Make sure that the place is safe for you and the people you’ve invited. The presentation will pretty much look like the photo below but the table is longer and shorter, the table fitted for a boho-themed party.

Source: thebridaldetective   | sailandswan

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