Easy-to-do Ideas For a Boho-inspired Halloween Party

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Are you tired of having the similar concept for Halloween each year? Why don’t you try this theme that would give the night of October 31 a new vibe?

Bohemian or Boho and Halloween are two different styles that you can’t imagine would fit. Boho is a combination of a Bohemian style and chic vibes. All in all, it gave you the vintage style that is much similar to the hippies of the 60s and 70s. It can make the wearer classy, cool or edgy–depends on how would she match the outfits.

The thing with boho is that it could give you the mystery feeling that can be connected with the scary theme that Halloween brings. Here are things that you might want to recreate to make your party a bit unusual than what it used to be.  

Choose the perfect location

It’ll not be a Boho if it’s not being held outside. If it’s allowed, you can choose a cemetery close to your home as a venue. There are some cemeteries that are allowing parties like this but with some restrictions that you need to follow for your own safety, and of your guests, too.

A forest can be a great place where you can hold your Halloween party. Make sure that the place is safe for you and the people you’ve invited. The presentation will pretty much look like the photo below but the table is longer and shorter, the table fitted for a boho-themed party.

Source: thebridaldetective   | sailandswan

Go dark or orange with centerpieces

Source: weddingomania  |  elledecor  |  txcateyez

It’s either you’ll pick the darker set of flowers or you will give it a hint of orange. Notice how the florist adds a twist to the first two photos. It both has animal’s pair of horns. The first one, it was attached to its skull while on the next photo; it was affixed on the pumpkin. Color your pumpkins with a black paint just like on the third photo and put smaller gems on it for the design.

The centerpieces are considered one of the important things that needed to be present to your party. Out of all the non-traditional options, flowers are still the classic and will never go out of style. Different kinds of flowers give a different kind of aura on your bohemian table and on human behavior.

Since black and orange are the main colors in the centerpieces, these two colors convey meanings that are perfect for the concept. Orange makes you feel cheerful and sociable while black exudes mystery and sophistication–a good combination for this kind of theme.  

Have DIY party essentials

Everything should be personalized, from your party invites down to your freebies. If you will settle for the usual party perks, there will be a possibility that it will be different from the main concept of the party.

Source: etsy   | Boho Weddings & Life  |  Boudoir Du Chaman

Instead of putting gold and silver glitters on these feathers, make it red or black. The hanging photos on the left-side of the photos, black flowers would add to the mystery effect of the concept. Your bohemian-themed party won’t be considered as a bohemian party if there are dreamcatchers hanging. Similar the sample photo, you can play with colors. You can even mix the pastels and dark colors.

Flower crowns with a twist

Pastel-colored flower crowns are what can be seen in a boho party. Since it’s also connected with Halloween, inform your guests to make their flower headpieces a bit similar to the gothic concept. This is where you could see how would your guest took their parts in making your event successful.

source: etsy

It’s still the same flower crown but as seen in the photos, it’s more similar to the gothic ones. Aside from the plain flowers, you can add some accessories to highlight your hair pieces. Creativity is the key when it comes to creating your uncommon flower crowns.

If you’re the host of the party, you can even propose a game that involves making a unique accessory for the hair. This will be one of the things that your invitee would look forward to.

Letter standees & lights

The standees shouldn’t outshine the backdrop of your party. There’s an appropriate size of letters that are needed to be followed. Size is important if you want each of your decorations to stand out. In other cases, if your decorations are not in balance, it will ruin the whole design of the party.

Lights also have the capacity to change the mood. The main concept of Halloween party is mysteriousness. Limit the lights that you’re using and focus on the lanterns that you will eventually scatter all over the place. Keep the place dim but not too dark.

Source: lightsforalloccasions    |  plaidonline

Change the usual lanterns

Usually, you can see mason jars filled with lights or candles. But since it’s a Halloween related party, you can incorporate the usual jack-o-lanterns that also has the touch of bohemian vibes.

You can re-use your old jars and decorate it with the use of black paper and make it similar to shadows. You can place or even hang it all over the venue.

Source: alisonbomber   | capecodcollegiate  |  countryliving  

Prepare simple food

If you’re still in the process of choosing what food you should cook. Keep the food simple and don’t make it too complicated. Unlike the decorations that you need to mix the themes, the menu can be the normal recipes that can be found either in a bohemian or Halloween parties.

Remember not to separate the food into two stations or else your guests might divide into two, too. This party would let your guest go to the best of both worlds. Tasting both the bohemian and Halloween food in one party is a unique party experience that you surely want to consider.

Source: bellesandwhistlesweddings | diynetwork | sunlitspaces | deerpearlflowers

When it comes to planning your next party, don’t be afraid to mix two different concepts. The process might be difficult since you need to connect everything to avoid messing the theme of your party. Aside from these ideas, it’s also important to share this event with the people who are close to you.

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