Newlywed Couples Should Check Out This Hidden Brooklyn Gem

Are you a newlywed couple looking for a suitable place in Brooklyn where you can spend quality time?  There is a gem in Brooklyn known as the Condor Hotel Williamsburg Brooklyn NY.  The Condor hotel’s mission is to ensure that you have the time of your life and make memorable moments. You can be sure that you will get more than value for what you spend in this Brooklyn Hotel. Some outstanding features about this luxurious hotel include;

Affordability and amazing discounts

Condor Hotel offers fantastic discounts. You get a discount of 10% if you are going to spend three nights at the hotel. For five nights, the discount goes up to 15%. If you are planning to spend 5 or more nights, you need to book 45 days in advance to get a discount of 20%.

Top-notch amenities and services

Compared to other hotels in Brooklyn, Condor Hotel stands out.  It offers upscale amenities, and its staff has high customer care ethic. They ensure your stay at the hotel is comfortable. Some of the facilities you will get to enjoy at the hotel depending on the suite you choose to include;

Spacious rooms furnished with modern décor

You get to spend the night on a Plush Dreams bed where you select your pillow of choice for comfort. When you need to relax and freshen up, you can use the deep bathtubs, rain shower massaging shower-heads, and more.

  • A kitchenette with amenities such as spacious cabinets, a microwave, and a refrigerator.
  • House, laundry, and dry cleaning services.
  • A living room with amenities such as an ATM, TV, computer, and magazines.
  • A beautiful garden where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.  The garden has individual sitting areas which allow for privacy.
  • Free refreshments 24/7 and food delivery

The hotel staff provides fresh cookies and beverages such as hot chocolate, lemonade, coffees, and teas. For breakfast, you get to choose from the wide selection that the company offers, which includes fruits, yogurt, teas, muffins, and more.

In addition, there is unlimited in and out parking privileges for the length of your stay at an affordable price.

Proximity to the city and vital amenities

The hotel is close to the city. You have access to various transportation options, including buses and taxis. You also get access to shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants. The Condor Hotel staff can advise you on where to get your favorite food and ensure they deliver it to your doorstep.

Proximity to Brooklyn’s best attractions

The Brooklyn area is also home to various attractions including the Barclays Center entertainment and sports venue and the Brooklyn Bridge, which is among the oldest suspension bridges in America.  There is also the Brooklyn Museum which holds about 1.5 million works, and many more attractions.

There is no losing when you book your spot at the Condor Hotel in New York. You will enjoy a serene environment, excellent customer care, and a variety of modern amenities at a friendly price.  There are also wonderful historical attractions located nearby which you can visit.


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