Listen to Your Dentist: Start Taking Care of Your Kids’ Teeth at an Early Age

Guest post contributed by Amelie Lawrence

Dental problems can occur at the very early age in children. Parents should consider the fact that babies who don’t have teeth yet also need complete dental care. Dentists suggest that to every parent so that bacteria will not generate inside their tiny mouth. There are few mandatory things that every dentist suggests to the parents for their kids’ dental care. Also, it must be considered that these procedures should be done from the very early age of the kids.

Dentist – Baby Teeth Care

1. Fluoride Toothpaste Only

Parents should strictly use only fluoride toothpaste for kids. From the time the first tooth appears till three years of age, fluoride toothpaste must be used. Make sure that the toothpaste is ADA accepted. Since birth, the kids need dental care. It is obvious that the process of brushing is different for diverse age bar.

• For the infants, few days after birth, no toothpaste is needed, but dental care is. Take a wet gauze pad or a clean piece of soft cloth and clean the gums and inside the mouth of the baby on a regular basis, as suggested by the dentist. This stop generating bacteria in the mouth.

• After few months when the first tooth starts growing, parents should start brushing their tooth. Very soft toothbrush for infants, rice grain sized toothpaste and gentle pressure on gums are needed twice a day while brushing their tooth. This process not only allows having healthy tooth but also it grows a practice sense in the kids so that they must not forget to brush in future.

• At the age of 2 – 3 years, pre-sized toothpaste is needed. Gradually kids need to learn how to spit the toothpaste and water. This is one crucial age when kids have a tendency of swallowing toothpaste.

2. Select Proper Food

There is a long span of time when kids only have milk and water. When as a mother, you feed them to get the fact that whatever you eat, it directly affects your child’s health. If you have junk or acidic food, that can harm your toddler’s teeth at very early age.

On the other, when you kid is growing and you are offering him / her rice grains, vegetables, fruits and other nutrients, select your food carefully. Having junk or spicy food or a large amount of sweets can harm their teeth as well. If you are unsure of what to be given, you can always ask your dentist for help.

Dentist – Check up

3. Flossing

Flossing is one mandatory thing when your child will grow at least two teeth. Within 6 to 12 months, tooth starts growing. This is also the age when kids start eating other foods except for milk or cereals. It is necessary for the parents to floss their teeth regularly. According to the dentist, this prevents plaque generation between the teeth.

4. If you have cavity, it can spread to your child

Many times, mothers complain about their kids’ ill teeth when they don’t eat junks or brush regularly. This happens because of the mother or caregiver at home. If the mother has a cavity, then it can spread through the saliva of the mother to the baby. As dentist says, if the mother has a cavity then make sure do not use kids’ spoon or avoid cleaning the pacifier in mouth. This can lead to spread the cavity to the kids.

Apart from all these make sure to start consulting your dentist from the beginning. Keep yourself updated about what to do and what not to for the betterment of your child’s dental care.

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