4 Reasons to Include Your Backyard in Home Decorating

For decades, the backyard has been seen as a place for swing sets, swimming pools, and gardens. In recent years, though, it has become an extension of the house, incorporating many of the functions and activities that we once considered to take place indoors only. A space that is used is a space that needs to be decorated, so here are four reasons why your backyard should be incorporated into the home’s decorations.

Outdoor Cooking

The grill is not the only backyard cooking space anymore. Homes today are adding or even being built with provisions for food preparation in the great outdoors. There are refrigerators, grills, cooktops, sinks, and all kinds of other kitchen items available for installation outdoors. When the meal is happening outside, the socializing is happening outside too, so outdoor decoration is a must.

Seating Areas

Forget those rickety wicker chairs and concrete steps. Spending time with family and friends outdoors is now a fully-furnished activity, with lots of luxurious chairs, sofas, and lounges in use in the backyard. Because these items need to be comfortable, they are upholstered, and once they’re upholstered, they simply must match the decor indoors.

Backyard Entertainment

We’ve all experienced the conflict of wanting to stay indoors for something on TV and wanting to enjoy a beautiful evening outside. More and more homes today have outdoor televisions and custom built patios that give you the best of both worlds. You and your guests can enjoy a starry sky while never missing a single pitch, pass, or episode.

Pools as Part of the House

With so many homeowners enjoying a backyard pool, more and more of them are trying to tie it together with the house. It’s much cleaner and easier to have hard surfaces from the water’s edge all the way to the back door or patio, so the pool is really an expanded living room. Add in the occasional snack break and the kids will be in and out of the water–and the house. By making the pool area a little more indoors-y with matching decoration, you can keep those wet feet outside.


Decorating your home is not just an indoor activity anymore. Homes today make such good use of outdoor spaces that it just makes good sense to decorate those areas just as we do the indoor ones. It makes the home feel more tied together, manages messes, and provides spacious areas for gathering together for outdoor meals and entertainment.

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