Three Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors In Winter

As Autumn draws to a close and winter creeps in, getting outside and enjoying nature is harder because of the wet and muddy weather. For adults this is hard, but if you’ve got children with lots of energy to burn, not being able to enjoy the outdoors as much could be a bit of a headache. 

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5 Easy Fire Pit Desserts for Your Next Backyard Party

With summertime almost here, it can only mean two things: good weather and fun outdoor events. As you start to plan your next backyard campout or beginning of summer party, consider a fun activity that involves your fire pit. The best fire pit or bonfire activity is, of course, making s’mores! Roasting marshmallows are the first step to a delicious s’mores. Elevate the typical marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker combination with fun flavors like strawberry hazelnut or peaches n’ cream. Check out these 5 delicious fire pit s’mores ideas that Wayfair put together for your next event:

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