A Guide to Common Pediatric Dental Problems

Your child’s smile can light up your whole day. As a parent, you want to see a happy, healthy smile for years to come, and that’s why you have a vested interest in the state of your children’s teeth. In addition to helping your kids develop good oral hygiene habits, it’s vital that you be aware of the symptoms and possible effects of the most common pediatric dental issues, and that you learn about the options for preventing and treating these problems. 

The accompanying infographic, Pediatric Oral Health & Hygiene, discusses a number of problems that affect children’s oral health, including tooth decay, thumb or finger sucking, teeth grinding, early tooth loss, misaligned teeth and early gum disease. While these issues can lead to serious conditions if left untreated, you should know that there are ways to prevent them or at least prevent them from getting worse; and if these problems or the behaviors that may cause them persist, your family dentist has a range of treatment options. 

The most important takeaway from this infographic may be the section about teaching kids the importance of oral hygiene. Children who learn to care about — and care for — their teeth will experience fewer dental problems now and in the future. They will also perform better in school and develop the positive self-esteem that comes from having a beautiful, healthy smile. 

Take a few minutes to brush up on your oral health knowledge by reading the informative infographic below.


This infographic was created by Grove Dental, a provider of dental services in Wheaton IL

Author bio: Teresa Tuttle is Marketing Director for Grove Dental Associates, a multi-specialty group dental practice in Chicago’s western suburbs. With more than 30 doctors and 50 years of practice experience, Grove Dental’s offices stay on the cutting edge of dentistry to better serve patients.   


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