Being More Productive at Work

Improving productivity at work is an ongoing conversation among many people. Everyone wishes that he or she could be more productive at work and get more things done. But, achieving this needs better time management and a well-focused mindset. Let’s see some tips for achieving this.

Compartmentalization of your thoughts

The safest way of increasing productivity at work is by shutting down thoughts about other things at work. Simply put this is compartmentalization at work. Some people are better at this than others but you should never worry about falling into the second category. The capability to compartmentalize does not come innately and it is an acquired skill. Anyone can reach skilled levels by using practice. Firstly, you need to stick to a schedule. Unless there is an emergency nothing should come between you and the scheduled work for a certain period. Do not give in to the temptation of taking a nap or stopping for a snack in between before things are done. Keep in mind that these are attempts at self-sabotage and the best way of avoiding them is by scheduling breaks. You can use the Pomodoro technique for this and compartmentalize the time available to avoid placing more pressure on yourself.

Do not worry

The greatest factor in killing productivity is worrying. Many of us are constantly worrying about some things or another. The conversations we are required to have, work that must be completed, promises we have to be able to hold on to, etc. All this ruminating and worrying is sure to harm productivity and workflow. It will result in things not being done from your side. You need to find strategies for dealing with this problem and maintain your focus. Rather than worrying about an issue, you are unable to resolve the pen to paper and begin looking for solutions immediately. You can take help from someone if they need to arrive at a viable solution.

Delegate the responsibilities

The significance of teamwork at the workplace cannot be stressed enough. Having a team with you, it is made sure that you are not doing everything by yourself. It also saves time and effort. First, you need to learn to delegate various responsibilities. It may seem easy at first as you just let others know what to do. But most managers and team leaders will tell you that in reality, things are never that easy. It is a great responsibility to delegate tasks to the right people and it can make a huge difference between a smoothly running project and an additional burden on your shoulders. If you assign responsibilities to the wrong people it can backfire and place even greater responsibility on your shoulders. You must know your team as every member of the team has a unique set of skills and capabilities.


Keep in mind that all goals are not equal. Therefore, they have to be prioritized depending on various criteria. These tasks could be classified according to their significance or time pressure. You can use the Eisenhower Matrix for the prioritization of the target. There are four categories in the matrix for achieving goals viz.

  • Urgent and important: This has to be done immediately.
  • Important but not urgent: This must be done after finishing number 1.
  • Urgent but not important: delegate this task.
  • Not urgent or important: Do not bother with it.

According to the Eisenhower Matrix prioritization of goals helps you save a significant amount of time and it offers a structure to consolidate productivity. This also gets things done quickly and more efficiently. It is like when you compress PDF files for greater efficiency.


Concentration is greatly useful in getting things done during most situations, not just at work. Therefore, you must be able to concentrate more. After you have got your priorities right and have set up a routine what you are required to do is getting things in motion. Removing all the temptations from your environment, delegating the tasks, and stopping the worry about the things that are out of your control are some of the things you need to do. Keep to the schedule and practice more compartmentalization.


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