How to Create a Family-Friendly Office Environment

If you’re hoping to create a family-friendly office environment, the trick is figuring out how to get this done. The following are a few things you could consider trying to create a warm inviting space.

Add a Play Area

If you want to make sure your dental office is family-friendly, you have to think about the kids. Talk to dental contractors and ask them about creating space for a play area. Adults are patient enough to wait in the waiting room, but kids need a little distraction. Without distractions, kids can get bored and may upset the parents and other folks in the waiting room. This is the reason you should consider installing a play area with all the things kids would expect in this room. The calmer they feel, the better for everyone else in the office.

Touch of Electronic Games

It’s great that you’re adding a play area, and you’re probably adding all sorts of cool things like a slide, but don’t stop there. The kids who visit your office will want to play with some of today’s toys, which means video games. You want to install several games and television sets around your office. Of course, you want to seal these up or something similar to make sure the kids can only access the controllers. It’s important to make sure your electrician knows what you’re going to be doing to help ensure you have enough electricity in the area.

Small Cinematic Experience

It might be a good idea to construct a small theater for your patients. This will be helpful not only for kids but for parents. Being at the dentist could be fun with the addition of a theater and the other things mentioned here. If you are going to construct a small theater, you should also invest in a sound system, and be sure that you soundproof this room. You don’t want the sounds from the cinema room to bother people outside the room. The cool thing is with streaming services, you can play new movies all the time.

Think About the Colors

Think carefully about the colors you use in your office. Colors have interesting effects on people, which is something you need to use in your favor. You want your patients to be as calm as possible, and this means you need calming colors. You want to use colors like blue, green, or even brown throughout your office. You’ll want to stay away from colors that are too aggressive like reds or yellows. Aggressive colors tend to elevate emotions, and that might make kids too active or may get them scared, so stick to calming colors.

Family Restrooms in the Office

You’re going to have families in your office, and this means you’ll need a family restroom or two. Sometimes, kids aren’t old enough to go to a restroom on their own, so having a family restroom for them is helpful where mommy or a daddy are welcomed. These family restrooms should be equipped with a changing station for families with little babies. You’ll want to make sure you keep the family restrooms in good condition to ensure families feel welcomed in your office.

Now, you have all the ideas you need to create a welcoming dental office for your patients. You can talk to a designer to help you make use of your space so that everything in your office looks and feels right as you incorporate some of these ideas.


Contributed by Amy Sloane

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