How to Wake Up to Perfect Skin Everyday

There is no doubt that it is normal for many of us to wake up and find some imperfections in our skin. However, we all want to wake up with glowy skin and feeling more refreshed. No miracle can happen overnight to achieve great skin but here are a few things we can try to ensure it is close to perfect when we wake up!

Use a 1-step makeup remover

Going to bed with applied cosmetics will clog your pores, increasing the risk of skin damage and that will increase the rate at which you age. It is good to utilize two-in-one products that cleanse the skin and remove makeup at the same time. These cleansers keep your skin clean and glowy, increasing their receptiveness to the beauty products you apply in the morning.

Use concentrated serums

Your skin naturally repairs itself at night. Use concentrated, yet gentle serums like the Blue Lagoon BL+ the Serum to boost the skin restoration process. You will wake up with clear and glowing skin, which is great to boost your mood for the day. The serum concentrates on signs of skin ageing and results in stronger and healthier skin. A plus, it promotes skin hydration and collagen production! Whether it’s this serum or another, make sure you find one that is tailored to your specific needs and don’t be afraid to invest a bit. 

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize again!

When you wake up with dry peeling skin, it means you need to moisturize before you go to bed. To get radiant, deeply hydrated and healthier skin, apply moisturizer on your face, neck and every other part of your body before you sleep. When you wake up, the moisturizer will have penetrated your skin, making you achieve that soft feeling of your skin.

Go to bed at a decent time

Taking the recommended amount of time to sleep is beneficial in many ways. That includes keeping your skin looking great, hydrated and healthier. You will have clear and glowing skin, which is free from paleness and bags under the eyes. Ensure you go to bed at the right time and get enough sleep to ensure you are not tired when you wake up!

Apply caffeine-infused eye creams

Taking good care of your eyes before you go to sleep will improve how you feel when you wake up. It may be a hard task but it is necessary to ensure the area under your eyes is not puffy or dark. These eye creams perk up your eyes when you are asleep and ensure you wake up looking sharp and refreshed.


A great night’s sleep translates to great skin. It is essential to get at least 7 hours of sleep to ensure your skin is glowing when you wake up. Try to experiment with different products until you find the perfect one for your skincare routine.

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