Think You Don’t Like Reading? Try These 4 Unique Genres

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Reading a book can be both fun and educational, but you might not enjoy reading regularly because you’re not interested in most of the materials that are available in libraries or bookstores. The real problem might be that you’re typically reading books that are in the wrong categories for you whenever you’ve tried to read. If you want to read more often and get more enjoyment from reading a book, you should consider checking out these four lesser-known book genres.

Biographical Fiction

If you consider reading standard biographies to be a dull experience, you may enjoy a biographical fiction novel that tells the story of a true historical figure with fictional elements written in for added interest. Many biographical fictions aim to recreate a person’s life with some fictional dialogue and other situations to give the reader a better idea of how the person might have really lived. Reading one of these books can also help you understand the more human side of the main character.

First Contact Science Fiction

Science fiction is a broad category, and you might be interested in reading a book that involves the first human contact with some extraterrestrial or robotic life form. Reading one of these books may spark your curiosity and question whether we’re really alone in the universe. In addition to books, you can read one of the humanoid robot comic books that use illustrations and dialogue to immerse you in a story about the first contact with a robot lifeform in a futuristic world.

Furry Sleuth

This genre puts a spin on the classic detective novel by having an animal as the main character. The featured animal is usually a dog or cat that tries to solve a mystery by either being the main detective in the story or assisting a human detective. You might even find a furry sleuth novel that features the story of a talking dog or cat that can solve crimes that occur among humans or other members of the animal kingdom.


Wuxia may be the perfect book genre for you if you enjoy watching movies with martial arts themes. Wuxia novels take place in China from a historical perspective. The main character in these books often comes from a humble background and must battle emperors or other leaders who are part of the noble class. Books under this category may include sorcery or other magical themes, or the story can be more realistic. You can enrich your mind and delve into the world of fantasy and imagination more if you find
the right book to read.

Any of these obscure genres may have what you’ve been looking for in a book.

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