How To Let Someone Know You’re Thinking About Them

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Sometimes we’re all guilty of not showing someone how much we actually care about them. Life gets in the way. Work, friends, family, and responsibilities – they can all distract us from seeing things, and unfortunately, at times, this means leaving someone feeling unappreciated and uncared for, and that’s not the case it all.

Whether it’s your other half, a best friend, or a family member, if you know you could be doing more – make that time, because you never know when it’s going to run out. Here are the best ways to let someone know that you’re thinking about them.


Flowers are a great way to show your feelings towards someone, plus you don’t just have to leave them on the dining room table either. If you’re feeling generous, why not get the flowers delivered to their home instead of when you know they’re in, or even their workplace! It’s a very unexpected surprise that will be sure to brighten up their day. Plus flowers not only look beautiful, but they purify the air and balance the humidity too, so they’re great for any room or office.



If you thought that postcards were so ten years ago – you’re so wrong. With companies like MyPostcard Photo Postcards, you are now able to create your own design, whether that be a photo you’ve taken of someone or something, or you can choose from a whole selection of images and designs. You can enter your message in, and then the site will send that postcard out to the address you’ve given them. And there are no restrictions on where you want it to go – besides space… This is a lovely way to surprise someone with a few words and a sentimental image.



Create your own invitation and send it to the person you want to go out with, regardless of whether it’s a romantic outing or a friendly one, mark down the dress code, what they need to bring, what time and date it will be, and the location. This is really exciting for the other person because they would never have been expecting to be asked out – especially not like that. So make it fun and come up with something great to do together. This could be fine dining, going to the cinema, or even a home-cooked meal at yours.



It sounds so simple, but that’s because it is. We get so busy in our lives that we no longer make time for the little things. We push them back into our diary and try and remind ourselves that we ‘must call them soon’. But it’s time to get rid of that mannerism. Pick up the phone and call your loved one now. Ask them how their day is going. Even if you live with this person, it’s still essential you do this to let them know they’re on your mind. Ask them what they’d like for dinner later, and discuss what you’re going to watch on tv. It may sound like nothing to you, but it will mean everything to them.

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