Which are the Best Ways of Showing Love and Care to Your Family Members?

It’s usually this time of year that we remember how important showing love to our family is. This is because we’re usually too busy with our own lives and schedules the rest of the time. The chase for our dreams can make us forget what’s really important in life. Showing your family you don’t take them for granted can go a long way, regardless if you are a parent or child. The best ways of showing your love and care for your family are just at your fingertips.

1. Talk to them

There are few things that make a person feel loved more than when you take an active interest in their lives. Listen to the details of your partner’s long day and offer honest advice or just let them vent. Ask your mother and father about what’s new and take an interest in their hobbies. Just because you’ve moved out, it doesn’t mean they’ve ceased to have an active lifestyle.

Most importantly, talk and listen to your child. It will help them feel closer to you and develop emotionally. Every child who’s heard and whose opinion is valued grows up to be a strong and confident adult. Don’t patronize them just because they’re little; their feelings are as real as yours.

2. Don’t shy away from physical affection

Sometimes, all a person needs to feel loved is a hug. A tight and warm embrace will brighten anyone’s day, be it your parents, partner, or children. A kiss on the cheek or forehead goes a long way, too. What’s more, being physically affectionate will encourage the whole household to do the same. Seeing love breeds more love.

It’s especially beneficial for children to see their parents hug or kiss as it shows them what a loving relationship should look like. They’re bound to accept that behavior subconsciously and are more likely to build strong and healthy relationships when they’re older.

3. Write notes

Sticky notes can be great reminders of how you feel about your loved ones. They’re also a very nice surprise to find all over the house. Stick an “I love you” or “Have a nice day” on the fridge so your whole family smiles when they grab something to eat. Leave a “You’re beautiful” on the bathroom mirror for anyone who wakes up first and instantly warms their heart.

You can also come up with notes more personal to each member of the household. For instance, when you pack your child’s lunch leave them a little note telling them you’ve made their favorite and hope they enjoy it.

4. Spend quality time together

The one really special gift you can give your family this season is the gift of time. It’s often the lack of quality time that takes the toll on our relationships, so make sure you’re there for your family. If you’re a parent, take a day off and spend it outside with your kid, laughing and playing. Treat them to dessert before dinner, and make new memories.

As far as your parents are concerned, visit them for the weekend and reminisce about all the good times. Go for a long walk with your dad or take your mum shopping. Remind them you’re still their kid no matter how far you might live. Finally, don’t forget about your partner. Surprise them with dinner and save the most romantic Christmas hamper in Sydney for dessert. After all, it’s filled with the finest wine and richest dark chocolate, perfect for a quiet evening at home when you can just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

5. Do something without being asked

One thing you need to realize is that you don’t need a special occasion to show your family you love them. Do little things for them without being asked, and it will surely improve your relationship and make them feel appreciated.

Buy a hug ring for your mum or make your father’s favorite meal. There’s nothing better than seeing that glint in their eye after you’ve done something so kind. Return to your childhood and strengthen the bonds you have with your child by playing make-believe or building a fort in the living room. Clean the apartment so your partner doesn’t have to or make them a bubble bath. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to say “I love you” without actually saying it.


Showing your family just how much you love and care for them doesn’t have to give you a headache. After all, love is a happy emotion that brings people together. Whatever you do for your family, they’ll surely appreciate it just because it came for you. Remember that family should be a priority to any other life aspect, and don’t be afraid to put it first.


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