6 Activities to Help You Get Out of a Funk

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Being in a funk isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s something that we all experience from time to time. While there isn’t any single cause for being in a less-than-ideal mood, there are ways that you can improve your mood and get out of a funk. Here are some things that you can do to boost your mood and say goodbye to that funk. 

1. Go for a Hike

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As we’ve long been told, exercise is a great mood-boosting activity that can improve your mood quickly. You don’t have to go to the gym or even for a run to use exercise to get out of a funk. Instead, you can go for a hike wearing the best trail shoes for women or men. Instead of using this time to get in an intense workout, use it to commune with nature and take in beautiful views. You may also choose to reflect during this time on anything that may be causing your bad mood. 

Fresh air is something that can always benefit you, especially if you’ve been stuck indoors for too long. The simple act of getting out of the house and doing something, like going on a hike, can improve your mood quickly and keep you from getting back into a funk. 

2. Do Cardio 

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Unfortunately, depending on where you live, you might not always have the option to go for an indoor hike. Instead, you can do light cardio at home by taking a few workout routines you’ve learned throughout your life or yoga poses you may have picked up and playing nature sounds on your computer or television. While it’s not the same as a hike outside, exercise itself, no matter where you do can help you keep a funk from creeping up on you. 

If you’d prefer to do a full workout, make sure to set aside time for yourself so that your one goal is finishing your routine. 

Make cardio a priority and turn it into a routine so that you can keep bad moods at bay through exercise. 

3. Celebrate Something

It doesn’t have to be your birthday for you to celebrate. Find a reason to celebrate, no matter how small it may seem. Something as simple as reading daily jokes can lift your mood as it allows you to focus on the good instead of the bad and have a little fun while doing it. Does your dog have a birthday coming up? Maybe your friend finally lost those two pounds she’s been complaining about for months. It doesn’t matter what it is; taking the time to celebrate the small things can bring you out of a funk and show you the good things in life. 

4. Do Things for Other People

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The best way to get out of a funk is to focus on someone else. If you know your friend is having some problems at work or your mom has an important work event coming up, do something to be helpful. Caring for others can help you focus on the positives instead of your negatives and takes you out of your own headspace so that you can do something that someone else appreciates. 

5. Hang Out With Friends

Being around others can lift your mood, especially when you love them. Hanging out with your friends is a great way to get out of a funk because it allows you to talk about your feelings or simply do fun activities to get your mind off of things. 

If you can’t hang out with your friends in person, you can have a teleparty and watch your favorite television shows and movies together. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do; being around others can help distract you from getting stuck in a funk. 

6. Keep a Gratitude Journal 

A gratitude journal is a type of journal where you write down the things you’re grateful for. These can range from a number of things like how cute your pet is to large events like graduating from school. Whatever you’re grateful for, you can write it down and revisit your journal to keep feelings of funk at bay. Writing in a gratitude journal often can also help you prevent getting in a funk because it’s a constant reminder of all of the great things you have in your life. 

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  1. These are great tips to lift somebody’s mood. It would be nice to just get out for a bit and hang out with friends, or simply call them .

  2. These are all excellent tips. I think the biggest one on here is to do for others. I’ve found that when I make other people happy, it lifts my spirits every time.

  3. Such a great tips for boosting our mood and confidence.There is a thousand things to do and we just need to do it.

  4. A gratitude journal sound slike a great way to keep yourself out of a funk. It’s so easy to lose sight of all the things you should be grateful for. The journal helps you remember.

  5. These are some very constructive suggestions tuned towards improving a person’s well-being while uplifting the mood as well. I have a habit of gratitude journaling.

  6. These are wonderful suggestions. I especially love the tips about exercising and giving back. Exercise releases endorphins, and giving back is just good for the soul.

  7. Honestly, even just opening my window makes a huge change for me. I love that you wrote going for a hike, because connecting to nature is so important!

  8. i always get up and go when i feel low , or that i do not want to do a great deal kind regards Pati Robins @ style squeeze blog

  9. Great tips here!
    The tip that work best for me is doing stuff for others.
    Makes me feel good and empowered.

  10. Sometimes we should go out there, meet people, give a smile, visit the nature, etc., just to give us a fresh outlook in life. It feels good, and gives us amazing glow on our face.

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