Great Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In 2021

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We are all very happy to see the end of 2020, which saw global lockdowns and a virus that has infected millions of people, and hopefully, this year will see a return to normal. If you are thinking about your up-and-coming birthday, here are a few birthday treat ideas to consider.

Day On The Beach

If your birthday coincides with a weekend, why not arrange to meet a group of friends at your favorite beach? Be sure to take a big food hamper, a nice beach towel, and a few drink coolers with you. You can play football and go for a swim, which is a great way to spend the day after the months of lockdowns. There’s bound to be a quiet cove somewhere along the coastline post the location on social media and all your friends will show up.

Helicopter Tour

If you rent one of the Sydney helicopters, you can see the city from the air and the two-hour tour includes a trip to Hunter Valley and the amazing Blue Mountains. After a special lunch at one of the vineyards, you and your partner will travel back to the airport on a different route, taking in the Harbour, Opera House, and, of course, Bondi Beach. If you would like to learn more about helicopter tours, search online for an established helicopter charter company and you can make a booking for a birthday flight. If you are going to spend some time in NSW, you really should include a tour in the air, which is the best way to appreciate this amazing state.

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Paintball Outing

If you are into the first-person shooting range, why not engage with your friends in a paintball game? The venue is a large arena with lots of covers and you and your team members have to capture your opponent’s flag, which is located in the middle of their territory. Obviously, you are trying to hit the enemy and when a player is hit, they are automatically out of the game. An online search will help you locate a nearby paintball venue and you can book online to avoid disappointment. It’s a highly competitive game and one that most find addictive. Regular customers get good discounts.

Romantic Dinner

There are many great restaurants around the Sydney Harbour and any one of these would make for a perfect birthday dinner venue. You could surprise your partner and take them to a quiet little restaurant and if you are single, invite your best friend along for company.

Weekend Cruise

There are many short cruises that depart from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane and after the pandemic, a short cruise is a great way to celebrate your birthday. Check with the online cruise operator and see what they have on or around your birthday. Taking the family away will brighten everyone up after having to endure the pandemic.

As we move into 2021, it makes sense to spend your birthday somewhere special, doing something that you enjoy and with no more Coronavirus cases, everyone will be heading out at the weekends.

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