Head to the Pool or Beach with Custom Personalized Beach Towels this Summer

This summer my family will be at the water park at least once a week.  We love to play in the wave pool and sit around on our towels chatting as we dry off.  I sometimes sit on the chair for an hour or more while the kids play in the pool.  Now I can easily find my chairs in a snap because they are covered with my custom personalized beach towels that really stand out.

Personalized Summer Quotes Beach Towel

Gifts For You Now has beautiful, brightly colored beach towels that you can customize with any name. Since there were so many nice choices,  it was hard to decide.  Anyway I finally chose a bright pink Summer Quotes towel that says my name in huge white letters and then says “Salt in the air, Sand in my hair.”  They also have a green towel that says “Here Comes the Sun.”, and a yellow towel that says ” Life is better at the Beach”  Although I am using this at the pool, I just loved how bright the towel was and was smitten with the cute starfish and the boldness of my name.  I love how they show you how the personalization will look before you place your order.  

My towel is very soft, yet durable. I love it, and I am so happy I went with the bright pink because it contrasts the white perfectly.  Then towards the bottom of the towel it begins to darken into a purplish hue.  In addition to being great for the pool and the beach, this towel could also come in handy all summer long at multiple events.  

Personalized Any Name Beach Towel

My husband went with a bright blue Any Name Beach Towel that has his name embroidered onto it in bright white letters.  He was able to choose from five towel colors: Pink, Blue, Lime, Purple, and Red.  Then he was able to pick the color of the letters from 13 different colors, plus pick between two fonts.  He liked how the white would contrast well and be visible on the blue.

This towel looks terrific, and is such a vivid blue.  Since he has been working we had to try it out at the water park without him.  His son was happy to take it and use it.  It dried him off well and was soft.  This is a high quality towel, not the type that is scratchy or abrasive.  We love our new towels, and will proudly display them all summer long.


Personalized Pink Flamingo Garden Flag

In addition to towels and other personalized summer essentials for fun in the sun, you can also get great items to decorate your home.  I got a pretty garden flag with a pink flamingo on it that says our last name.  It is such a welcome sight when you pull into our driveway.  The Personalized Pink Flamingo Garden Flag is tropical and very summer like.  It conveys the relaxed summer attitude we hold, and looks great in the yard.  

Most noteworthy about the neat things from Gifts For You Now is that they are personalized at no extra cost.  They have really unique gifts like ice cream bowls with your name on it, and cutting boards, travel bags, and t-shirts.  There is summer fun for everyone in your family all in one place.  

What awesome personalized product will you get to brighten your summer?

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