5 Tips for a Beautiful Backyard

Like any room in your home, your backyard will be as unique as you want it to. The more personal details and original ideas you use for it, the more beautiful it will be. If you follow these tips, you’ll get there more easily.

1. The Lawn as a Starting Point

Every beautiful backyard starts with a beautiful lawn, and you won’t have it if you don’t know how to properly maintain it. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • remove all the weeds, including their roots, using appropriate tools
  • aerate the soil so that the grassroots get the water
  • dethatch the grass – it will remove the excess organic debris on the top of the soil
  • level the lawn to achieve a great overall look without any bumps.

2. Have a Garden

Every backyard should have some type of garden, no matter how small or simple. You first need to choose what type you want it to be – a vegetable or a herb garden? Or maybe you simply want to enjoy the flowers? Whatever you choose – start small and then spread it if you see you are able to maintain it regularly. Remember – the more plants you have, the more work you will have, too. If you want potted plants, pay attention to the size and color of the pots – they will add to the beauty of the backyard, but they also need to be big enough for the plants. Trim the plants regularly to keep the neat look of the garden.

3. Build a Patio

Every backyard needs to have a comfortable spot where everybody can just sit and relax, enjoying the fresh air and chatting. In countries where it’s frequently hot, people want to be able to spend time outside but to be protected from direct sun. For example, it’s perfectly normal for Australians to have a patio in their backyards so that they are not disturbed by the weather. The options for Sydney and Brisbane patios are numerous because every homeowner wants to have a customized patio for their specific needs. The important thing to pay attention to when building a patio is the location. Sun patterns can cause trouble. If you place your patio on the west side of the backyard, you will have too much sun during the late summer period.

4. Have a Focal Point

Every backyard needs to have one or more focal points so that a viewer can be attracted to them while looking around. It can be a stunning plant or an unusual tree, but also a group of shrubs or even a sculpture or a water feature. It depends on your personal preferences and your backyard features. If you have a bigger backyard, then you should have a couple of focal points so that a viewer’s eyes go from one focal point to another and cover the whole backyard.

5. Scale and Pacing Factor

If you are a beginner, this can be a tricky part. Pacing and scaling are what gives your backyard a unified look. The height of the plants and other items in the yard will be used to scale the overall look but bear in mind that their colours and shape will also affect the appearance. The paths that lead the viewers through the backyard will help them admire every corner of it. It’s smart to use the same colour, plant or even a shape throughout the yard to create a sense of unity. But don’t get boring – introduce an unexpected element every now and then.


Don’t rush creating a perfect backyard. Enjoy the process and the changes you will introduce. One day, you’ll realize that your backyard has turned into what you really wanted it to be.


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