How To Teach Kids To Brush Their Teeth The Right Way

Children love to do things their way. This is a good habit for their overall development. But when it comes to dental health, giving them freedom can put their teeth and gums at risk. It’s fine if your child knows the proper way to brush their teeth? What if you gave them liberty but they did not brush properly? Well, not brushing the right way could lead to a whole host of dental problems including tooth decay and gum disease. So, it makes sense to make your little ones first learn the trick of the trade before doing it on own as this will help them maintain optimum dental health.

Here are ways to teach your kids to brush their teeth the right way 

1. Lead by example

For children, nothing works as better as learning by seeing. You can thus lead by example and make them learn how to brush their teeth the right way. If you do brush twice a day without fail, chances are your kids too will develop the habit sooner rather than later over time. Make it a point to teach them the right way to holding the brush, cleaning the mouth gently and thoroughly and all other things you know is good for dental health.

2. Make them brush thoroughly

Most kids find brushing fun. They never take it a chore and happily go through the act as if doing something that paves the way for the breakfast and snacks. You can ask them to place the toothbrush next to the gumline and do brush in a gentle and thorough manner. Make them brush in wide strokes so that proper cleaning is achieved with every session. Teaching all this won’t take much of effort on your part for sure.

3. Teach to clean every side of each tooth

Kids generally are in a rush while cleaning their teeth. They don’t like spending much time with the act. But that should not be the case as it can have a long-term impact on their dental health. As a parent, your job is to teach them to clean every side of each tooth so that cleaning goals are achieved. Ask them to also clean the biting surface of the tooth which is often ignored by most.

4. Ask them to spend 2 minutes with brushing

Brushing here and there is not going to help a lot unless a right way is taught to your child. Make sure your child is spending at least 2 minutes with each session of brushing. Anything less than that on a daily basis is like not brushing at all as proper cleaning takes some doing. Don’t let them finish off the session hurriedly as it can ruin their dental health in future.

5. Give focus on gums and tongue also

It would be a mistake if you encouraged your child to devote all the time to their teeth alone and not giving gums and tongue any care. Ask them to clean the tongue daily as it helps kill off bacteria; you can teach them to use fingers to gently massage the gums and clean them easily. After all this, you can take them to family dental of Bayside for regular check-ups and care.

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