Be Prepared with the Most Popular Back to School Items for 2018

Before we know it, there will be talk of starting back to school and all the fun shopping adventures that it will bring. Teachers will hand out a list to each new student, telling them what supplies they will need for the coming school year. Kids will oooh and ahhhhh over backpacks, tennis shoes and notebooks. This school year, try out fun products from Scribble Stuff, USA Gold, and Board Dudes. These companies take great pride in the products they produce. And after trying them out, I can see why.

Scribble Stuff makes a line of gel pens and felt tip markers that are so much fun to create art projects with. As a boring mom, I occupy some of my time coloring. As in, Adult Coloring. When my children were little, I would color with crayons in their coloring books and more recently when Adult Coloring became more popular, I’ve taken to trying out different books, crayons, markers and gel pens. The pens and markers from Scribble Stuff have all the qualities that I treasure in a coloring device.

The felt tip pens from Scribble Stuff has bold colors, the color eases out of them effortlessly, and they are comfortable to hold. They even have a scented line! The gel pens come in three different styles: glitter, neon and metallic. They come in several different size packs including one that has 32 pens, in all three styles, with a tower-like holder to keep you organized. If you like to color, scrapbook or just have different colors to write with at your office, Scribble Stuff has you covered.

USA Gold is the maker of fine wooden pencils. One thing we were always told when we were kids was to have plenty of pencils for class. Even now, teachers love to have extras in case they have a student who doesn’t have one. Gold USA Pencils are made in Tennessee, they are high quality that won’t jam up pencil sharpeners, they have long-lasting erasers and they are teacher recommended. One other fun fact: USA GOLD is the only major pencil manufacturer in the USA. Betcha didn’t know that!

Wanna talk Dry Erase Boards? Sometimes I look at products and think they are the same as their competitors. But, honestly, I have (in more recent times) look more closely because just because something looks like something else, it doesn’t mean that they are. Board Dudes (by the name and where I live, I immediately thought this was a surfing company), make dry erase boards for everyone. I love to hang one on the refrigerator to leave my kids notes, especially because it’s summer and they don’t wake up until after I’m at work. With this line of whiteboards, you get a high-quality board that wipes clean easily. Cleaning easily is a major thing because I’ve used boards that don’t always do that and you’re stuck with marker smears and streaks left behind. Not with these boards. Each board comes with a black marker (and a spot to keep it when not being used), mounting hardware (magnets and double-sided tape), AND they one I have has a cute little magnet so that I can hang notes on it!

When you’re out shopping for your kiddos school supplies, remember these wonderful products and know that being made in the USA, quality, and ease of use go a long way with kids, parents and teachers alike.


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  1. Popular school item must haves are in my future. My daughter is going into first grade so right now I’m not sure if this works for her classroom, but they are so cool this cool mom might need a set!

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