Banana Blueberry Milkshakes: A Delicious Summertime Dessert

A Refreshingly Happy Ending for Your Day: Banana Blueberry Milkshakes

Blueberry season is one of my favorite fruit seasons of the summer.  It comes on early which means fresh blueberries when other fruits are still developing, such as peaches and plums.  The little blue orbs are very versatile and easily preserved simply by washing and freezing them, but what to do with fresh blueberries?  Banana Blueberry Milkshakes of course!  They are a perfect ending to a hot summer day and a delicious one to boot.  Banana Blueberry Milkshakes can be a refreshing way to fill your dairy needs and have a delicious dessert as well.

Banana Blueberry Milkshakes for a Crowd

Making Banana Blueberry Milkshakes for a crowd is easy.  With the use of a large blender and a strong helper to scoop ice cream, it takes just minutes to have Banana Blueberry Milkshakes ready for everyone.  I like to wash my blueberries in advance, so there’s no extra water, which makes Banana Blueberry Milkshakes thick and luscious.   If your blueberries are frozen it will make your banana blueberry milkshake even thicker.  Have your bananas peeled and cut into chunks and you’ll be ready to make pitcher after pitcher of delicious Banana Blueberry Milkshakes.

Freezing Blueberries for Banana Blueberry Milkshakes

Freezing blueberries is simple and quick. Wash the blueberries in a large strainer, picking out any stems or soft berries. Lay the blueberries out on a clean dry bath towel or kitchen towel. Lightly run the berries around to dry them off and then transfer them to a large baking sheet with sides. Freeze the berries until they are completely frozen, then transfer them to plastic zippy bags and place back in the freezer.  You’ll be able to scoop out as many as you need for any recipe, and you’ll have blueberries throughout the winter months when the blueberries in the store just aren’t quite the same.

Serve Banana Blueberry Milkshakes on a hot summer’s night and see the smiles


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