Sweet Maple Granola Recipe


Sweet Maple Granola – From Cereal to Snack

Few snacks remind me of my childhood like Sweet Maple Granola.  Oats, gently toasted, coated with honey and maple syrup take me back to hikes I took along local creeks and sitting in the woods reading books.  I’d always have a bag of Sweet Maple Granola with me, ready to snack on.  Then I started to pour milk over it as a cereal and it was just as good!  Over the years, I’ve added wheat germ, nuts, and flax seeds.  They are all amazing as a cereal or snack.  It’s a great way to add some healthy grains to your diet as well as healthy sugars.

Things to Add to Sweet Maple Granola

Start out with your favorite oats.  I love an old fashioned oat, that if you were cooking it into oatmeal, it takes at least 5 minutes.  It has a chewier texture, and doesn’t crumble in the granola, making it a great choice.  Once you have your base, it is just a matter of adding all the things you love.  I love cashews, pistachios, and peanuts for my nuts.  They add crunch and flavor that is delicious.  I add wheat germ for extra protein and nuttiness, and golden flax seed for extra crunch.  In addition to the sweeteners, I change up the spices to suit my mood.  Sometimes it’s just cinnamon, sometimes I add allspice and nutmeg, sometimes pumpkin pie spice.  On the rare occasion I want something spicy, I’ll use cinnamon and chili powder, as well as a bag of chocolate chips.  That’s an awesome combination for the best granola you’ll ever eat.

Storing Sweet Maple Granola

I love to make up big batches of Sweet Maple Granola.  Storing it is pretty easy.  I use airtight Rubbermaid containers to store my Sweet Maple Granola.  After the granola cools completely, place it in containers and seal.  The granola will keep fresh for about a month or so (if it lasts that long!).  Make some Sweet Maple Granola and make it your own!


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