3 Rules of Being an Effective Freelancer Parent

It is hard in the modern day to try and get the balance right. You may be trying to run your own business while making a go of being a parent. For you may be living a freelance life, so you are able to make sure you give as much as you can to your children. But it’s not easy when life is a feast or a famine. Being a freelance person in any way requires getting the balance right so that your children get the best of you, but also you don’t suffer, as well as making sure that your finances don’t either. How can you get the balance correct?

Be Flexible 50% of the Time

The very definition of freelance parents for many is that they can be flexible depending on their child care needs. But after a while, you settle into a routine. Being flexible 50% of the time means that you can give the best of yourself to your children, but also make sure that you start to earn a credible amount of money to keep you afloat. Because freelancing means that you can pick up and put down jobs as you wish, whether you are looking to find trucking work or delivering items door-to-door while your children are in school or daycare, you’ve got to make sure that those jobs you can do are worthwhile. 

You Can Still Be Picky

And this is a good thing. Sometimes it is not so easy to do jobs because you have to make them work around your children’s lives. But on occasion, it’s worth picking a job because of its financial merit. If you are a freelancer, and you have a very specialist niche picking up jobs that are the equivalent of a water bill can make life easier for you in a couple of months’ time. But this means that in the interim, you’ve got to be organized. When you are picking up these big jobs, you may worry that you won’t have the time for your children. But if these jobs are few and far between, you’ve got the opportunity to do it to the best of your ability, which will show up better on your resume or portfolio, and it’s not completely draining you.

Learn the Fine Art of Saving

Being a freelancer means you’ve got to be used to a specific lifestyle. This means that when the money comes flooding in, the temptation can be displayed on certain things. But you’ve got to get the balance right. When a lucrative job comes in, you may feel that now is the opportunity to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes, and buy the children’s Christmas presents, but use the 50/30/20 rule, where you start to put money towards the essentials, the nice to have, and savings.


You’ve chosen to be a freelancer parent because you have more freedom in your life. But there can be some constricting aspects of it. Try the three approaches, and it should start you off in the right direction. 

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  1. Great tips for freelancing it’s true the money ebbs and flows so its important to save it

  2. Being flexible is super important when it comes to doing any sort of freelance work. I know I personally have to make sure I can do things either super late at night or super early in the morning before anyone is awake. It helps me out a lot.

  3. Wonderful ps for those who are parents and are freelancers. I still the thrifty side of freelancer parents on the Youtube videos of families living in a bus or RV.

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