4 Reasons Why An Outboard Motor Might Misfire

Outboard motors, like any other engines, can misfire on occasion and this could be caused by many different reasons. Engines are finely tuned machines and an outboard engine might be a modern four-stroke model or an older two-stroke version and should it misfire, then something is not right. Should this happen to you, the best advice is to seek out the help of an experienced outboard repair company who can carry out a series of diagnostic tests to uncover the problem. Here are a few of the common causes for an outboard engine misfire, which might help you to identify the fault.

  1. Damaged Shear Pin – The shear pin is designed to break if the propeller hits a hard object – which will avoid more expensive repairs – and when this happens, it can cause the engine to misfire. If you are looking for affordable outboard repairs, BBMS Swanwick are the people to talk to, as they will come to diagnose and repair your outboard wherever it happens to be located. Based in Southampton, BBMS Swanwick offers a selection of Mercury outboard motors, should you ever require a change of motor.
  2. Fuel Starvation – Lack of fuel getting through to the cylinders could be the reason for an outboard to misfire. Older engines often collect residue in the fuel pipes, which builds up over time and this restricts the flow of fuel, which causes the engine to misfire. The best remedy is to contact a specialist marine mechanic who can clean out all the fuel lines (and the fuel tank), restoring full power to the engine. This issue is far more likely with an older outboard motor and the fuel system might need to be stripped down and carefully cleaned before being reassembled.
  3. Incorrect Carburation Settings – An outboard motor must be provided with precisely the right amount of fuel and air and should the carburation settings be incorrect, either too much or not enough fuel will result in the engine misfiring. The technician would have state of the art diagnostic equipment to ascertain whether or not the air-fuel mixture is correct. If you are at all unsure how an outboard engine works, there is an informative article on the inner workings of an internal combustion engine, which should make things clearer.
  4. Dirty Fuel Tank – Rust can build up at the bottom of the fuel tank and while there is a gauze filter to keep this residue out of the fuel pipes, older engines can suffer from this issue. It is never a good idea to allow the fuel level to be very low as this will stir up the tank residue and this could result in a blockage, which would cause the engine to misfire. When looking for a suitable outboard servicing company, make sure they have experience with the make and model you have and are in fact, approved by the manufacturer.

As with all engines, your outboard motor should be regularly serviced – something a marine outboard specialist firm could handle – and with regular servicing, your outboard motor should give you many years of trouble-free boating.

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